The Diggers

The Diggers – a book review

There are times when you know a book is going to be loved just by looking at the cover.  I know!  Never judge a book by the cover, but some times you really can!  This is certainly the case with The Diggers, written by Margaret Wise Brown and published today through Parragon Books.

The Diggers

If ever a book was written with Monkey in mind, it has to be this one.  But there is a twist, The Diggers is all about digging, but it isn’t all about diggers as Monkey recently discovered.

The Diggers

In The Diggers we learn about different animals that dig in the ground and why they dig.

The Diggers

Before moving on to Pirates and treasure, construction works and diggers.  Why do diggers dig?  Monkey was fascinated as we discussed how the London Underground was built and the Channel Tunnel.  He’s rather interested in tunnel boring machinery at the moment so this book has fitted in well with a new interest!

The Diggers is beautifully illustrated by Antoine Corbineau and they give so many opportunities for discussion, which is something I look out for in books.  It’s a big hit here as you can imagine.

Priced at £5.99, as I’ve mentioned at the start of this post, The Diggers is hot off the press today and on special offer at Amazon.  My affiliate link below takes you straight to the selling page.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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