Planning for Christmas with Waitrose

The lead up to Christmas is always rather frantic isn’t it, and with lots of December birthdays too, I end up with lists everywhere.  Presents lists, cards lists, birthdays, food, drinks, treats, things for Brewster.  I don’t know about you, but by the big day I’m frazzled normally.  This year I’m getting a little help as I’ll be planning for Christmas for with Waitrose.

Planning for Christmas with Waitrose

The team at Waitrose have come up with a meal planner, making it so easy to plan and buy exactly what you need for the big day.  It’s really easy to use, select the number of people you will be entertaining (including yourself of course) and the planner gives you suggested quantities for everything you could need for the main meal.

You then click on the shop icon by each product to take you to the relevant are on the website to order your food.  How simple is that!  I tried it out for myself recently, when we’re not in Spain with my parents for Christmas, I do like to have Christmas Day at home with just the three of us. We are tight on space, so entertaining family isn’t really an option for us sadly.  But there is still a lot to think about, so any help for my addled brain is much appreciated.

Not only did I try the planner out for myself, but I asked a friend who has a BIG gathering on Boxing Day to see what she thought.  She agreed that it was a great idea, and would save her having to work out the right weight of her Turkey and amounts of veg.

Now, we decided it would be fun to have Christmas dinner early, an Advent dinner in fact. I substituted the Turkey for a Chicken, but other than that I followed the planner and popped over to my nearer Waitrose to do my shopping.  No stress, I knew exactly what I needed, and a few extra treats made their way into my trolley.

Planning for Christmas with Waitrose

The Waitrose planner suggested Red Cabbage for our meal, I have to honest, I’ve never cooked it before, although do eat it when we go out.  It was time to mix things up in our kitchen.  Also rather than the normal miniature chipolata sausages I would buy, wrapped in bacon I went for the Waitrose version and they were devine.

We love vegetables here, so I always offer a selection with any roast dinner, the quality of the Waitrose selection was just as expected.  A very happy family sat down to an Advent Dinner last Sunday, and a Mummy will now have one less thing to stress about in the run up to Christmas itself!

We even got to sample a very nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc thanks to Waitrose Cellar – more on that soon!

Planning for Christmas with Waitrose

So if you are planning a gathering with family and friends over the holiday period I can definitely recommend the Waitrose Christmas meal planner.  It gives you more time to enjoy yourself!

disclaimer:  we were given a voucher to be able to test this planner and some Christmas goodies, along with a selection of wines from Waitrose Cellar.

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  1. Ooh red cabbage is essential for Christmas. I do ours (with apple, orange juice, onion, spices etc) in the aga for about 4 hours in the bottom oven the day before. Then just gets heated up – delicious and fabulous cold.

    Looks like a good idea the planner. We just do masses of food then have the whole family over for a few days to clear it up. Lush.

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