Finn the Kite Flyer doll #likeaboy

Monkey has many toys and I’m sure after his birthday today, there will be even more! One thing he hasn’t had is a doll.  I’m really not keen on introducing guns into the house so I’ve purposely kept away from action heroes.  We recently discovered the Finn doll and I really like the concept.  A doll that looks like a little boy, has the physique of a child and enjoys playing.  Finn the Kite Flyer doll has come to live with us.  What would Monkey think to him?

Finn the Kite Flyer doll

Finn the Kite Flyer doll, from Arklu, is part of the Lottie range of dolls which feature dolls that look at act like children rather than adults.  The dolls are aimed at children aged 3 years and over.  Along with the doll we also received a Gone Fishing set so Monkey could have more fun.  I honestly had no idea how Monkey would react to this concept.  Would he play with Finn?

Finn the Kite Flyer doll

The premise for Finn’s character has been developed around the notion of what it is to be a child – he loves the outdoors, playing sports, going on adventures, solving problems, and climbing trees.  He lives on a fictional island called Branksea, sharing his adventures with his friends Lottie, Maya and pet dog, Biscuit the Beagle.

Finn the Kite Flyer doll

Finn the Kite Flyer is 18cms tall and was an instant hit with Monkey.  Looking at Monkey play with his doll, was like winding the clock back over 40 years to me playing with my dolls.  The first thing he did was undress Finn, the clothes come off easily and Monkey loved the fact that he could change his outfit.  He loves Finn’s shoes.  The quality in general of the clothing and accessories is good.  We had one issue with the top Finn came in, it arrived with stitching already unravelling.

Finn the Kite Flyer

I’ve checked with others and their dolls are all fine.  This issue has been brought up with the company and we’re waiting for a replacement top at the moment.

It’s been wonderful watching Monkey interact with his Finn the Kite Flyer doll.  He’s taken him fishing, and we’re waiting for better weather apparently so we can take Finn and his kite out flying.  We’re big on imaginative play here and Finn fits in really well with that.

Always one for recycling packaging, Monkey has turned Finn’s case into a wardrobe so he doesn’t lose any of his clothes!  The case is card, but comes with a carry handle and now lives in the bottom of a certain little boys wardrobe – love it!

I want Monkey to enjoy being a little boy for as long as he can.  I want him to keep the innocence of youth and I know that with school influences this will be harder to maintain. But Finn offers the chance to play with a doll and explore the world of adventures that we actually live in.  Monkey and Finn can go on train journeys and go bug hunting.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Monkey’s reaction to his new friend.  So much so that I think he might be getting the Scooter Set from Father Christmas to extend their adventures.  We’re hoping the range of accessories expand too.

Finn the Kite Flyer retails for £16.99 and the Gone Fishing accessories set for £7.99, both of which are compatible with the price for dolls aimed at girls.

Monkey loves his new doll and has asked if he can take Finn in for his next Show and Tell session at school! If you have older children you might like to pop over to 92three30 where an 8 year old H has been having fun too.

disclaimer:  we were sent this doll and accessory set in exchange for an honest review.



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