Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

I’m always on the look out for different gift ideas and you may remember that I reviewed a really unusual Jewellery stand a while back.  The stand came from the team at Red Candy and when Father’s Day was coming up I turned to them again, so a treat for Daddy P.  I’ve turned to them again and this year we’ll be toasting Christmas with Red Candy!

Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

What’s in the box I hear you say?  Well, when I moved in with Daddy P I had a lovely set of wine glasses, all black stemmed and I’d had them for ages.  Over the last few years he has systematically broken one after another of my favourite wine glasses.  He’d been instructed that replacements were required pronto!  I wanted something a little bit different from your normal plain glass and that’s exactly what we found with the LSA Coro Wine Glasses – Lagoon set.  Weren’t these just made for me?

Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

You all know I love everything blue and my new set of wine glasses feature my favourite shades.  I’ll be toasting Christmas with Red Candy this year and hopefully for a long time to come.  Daddy P has been instructed to leave them well alone!  Priced at £23.50 for a set of 4 hand blown glasses, these are just perfection as far as I’m concerned. They’ll even match my Christmas decorations this year 🙂

The LSA range stocked by Red Candy is fab; there are matching tea light holders and bud vases too.

Now if you’re looking for something with a more tradition Christmas colour themed version, then never fear, Red Candy also offer the set in Berry as featured below.  The on-line retailer specialises in gifts that are a little different and these are their top 10 picks for ladies this Christmas.

Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

I remember our old house phone looking very much like the Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – French Blue priced at £39.  The Luckies Jumbo Cutlery Drainer at £12.50 looks so cute doesn’t he!

Now, if like me, you have the hard task of finding gifts for Mr Impossible then may be this selection from Red Candy might give you some ideas.

Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

I’m quite taken with the Suck UK Robot Nutcracker, which comes in 2 Sizes and sells from£14.95.  Being of a certain age where we both remember good old 7 inch vinyl records I think the Nextime Vinyl Tap Clock at £39 might go down rather well here too.

With a flat UK Delivery charge in the UK of £2.95, orders placed by 1pm are normally despatched the same day and received within 3 days.  Express delivery options are also available so don’t panic, if you’ve still got presents to buy then Red Candy is a good place to end your search.


Toasting Christmas with Red Candy

disclaimer: we were sent the product mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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  1. I do like the look of those. I no longer buy wine glasses however-we go for the tumbler now. So much less likely to be knocked over and break or cause spillages-both of which I’ve got increasingly fed up with over the years, and none of which have been by me 🙂

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