Fajita time with Old El Paso

Fajita Time with Old El Paso

I don’t know about you but I love Mexican food and introduced Monkey to mild dishes from a very early age.  We have been enjoying fajita time with Old El Paso recently.  They make a great, quick and easy meal and work well with kids as they can pick and mix what goes in their own fajitas.  We were sent a parcel of goodies from Old El Paso to enjoy!

Fajita time with Old El Paso

After a busy day out last week, we needed a quick dinner and I decided it was fajita time with Old El Paso.  I decided to use the seasoning mix for Crispy Chicken fajitas.  Really easy to use, just add the mix to a little oil and coat chicken strips and cook!

Fajita time with Old El Paso

We normally have plain tortilla wraps and I wasn’t really sure why we’d never tried the whole wheat ones, seeing as we eat a lot of whole wheat products.  Time to change that and actually they went down well and we will definitely be swapping to these in future. We all thought they were a bit tastier than the norm.

Fajita time with Old El Paso

Monkey and Daddy P love their Sour Cream and these easy squeeze containers work well with children too.

I like things a little spicier so was eager to try the Medium strength Zesty Red Jalapeño Relish, it didn’t disappoint being sweet but with that jalapeño kick to tempt the taste buds. But it wasn’t too hot – even Daddy P tried some and came back for more.

I was really looking forward to trying the Sweet Corn Relish as this was something new to us all.  It’s mild and contains some red peppers too, mild and very nice indeed!  That will be added to our future shopping basket.

Fajita time with Old El Paso

Old El Paso have a great range of Mexican sauces, seasonings as well as handy kits with everything you need included to make anything from Tacos to Quesadilla; all readily available in your local supermarket.

I’ve just noticed that there are also some great recipes on their website – being a big Albondigas fan – I’m loving the idea of Albondigas fajitas!  The Chorizo Taquitos sound delicious too.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review


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