Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

The big monthly shop – love it or loathe it?  I don’t mind it to be honest, that’s until it comes to the packing.  I tend to do my shopping when Monkey is at school; it’s easier and quieter.  I hate busy supermarkets.  But packing is something I dread.  I have the big plastic long life shopping bags that I use for my big monthly shop.  Yes, the ones that are forever collapsing in on themselves in the trolley as I’m frantically trying to keep up with the cashier.  Well no more will I have to do battle, no!  I’m making shopping easier with Trolley Bags.

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

I first saw these Trolley Bags when Tami at Mummy of Two reviewed them.  They looked fab and just what I needed to take a bit more stress out of my life.  I was thrilled when the Trolley Bags team took pity on me and sent me my own set of bags to review.

What are Trolley Bags?  The bags come in sets of 4 bags in various sizes which are velcroed together to fit in a standard shopping trolley. The bags contain poles across the top to hold them in place in your trolley and when you need to load them into your car, detach each bag and use the handles to move the bag from the trolley to the boot of your car.

You can see how easy it is in this little video.

But is it that easy in reality?  Time to put it to the test with a recent trip to my local supermarket.

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

I don’t do scan and shop, but if you do, you could set your Trolley Bags up in your trolley and pack as you shop.  As I normally use reuseable bags I’m always conscious of how I stack items on the conveyor belt at the checkout for packing purposes.  With these Trolley Bags you need to pack the heaviest items in the smaller bags  and the bulkier items in the larger bags (you want to be able to lift them from your trolley to boot!)

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

One thing to remember with these bags, and maybe a design tweak is needed; the support bars do stick out a bit.  I was shopping alone, but if you had young children trying to ‘help’ they are at just the right height to poke themselves in the eye.

The bags are half fabric, half netting.  I don’t fully understand why they use netting rather than fully fabric.  I would think fabric would be sturdier and would make it easier to pack. The bags are as deep as a standard trolley so I personally think a better supported bag would be ideal.  But in general I really loved shopping with these bags.

Back to the car park and another test for the Trolley Bags – had I packed them smartly enough to be able to lift them into my boot and would they fit!  Yes, it was all fine – phew!

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

The bags fitted in the back of my Peugeot 307 with no problems.  The real test would be when I got home as I have to park on the road.  Could I carry the bags into the house, I’m a bit of a wimp it has to be said.  I did manage it, for the two larger bags it was a case of using two hands to carry them and keep them off the ground – remember they are trolley depth.  But the smaller bags were totally fine.

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

Once I’d unpacked my shopping, I stuck the bags back together with the velcro, rolled the handle over from the largest orange bag and they were ready to store in my boot, ready for the big Christmas shop!

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags

Making shopping easier with Trolley Bags and I come home feeling calm and relaxed!

The Trolley Bags are available to buy in a set of 4 for £16.99 directly from the website.  I’m a fan, and I understand that there are plans afoot to produce bags for the smaller size trolleys soon too.

disclaimer:  we were sent these bags in exchange for an honest review

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  1. These bags have transformed my shopping experience when it comes to packing. I just struggle getting them to stay together when stored.

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