Sitting pretty this year

Sitting pretty this year

Sitting pretty this year

Do you start thinking about changes you’d like to make around the house at this time of year?  I know I have a whole list of things I’d like to improve here this year!  Having replaced our sofa and armchair last year I know we’ll be sitting pretty this year.  But I also know how important it is to find the right sofa, after all they are a long-term investment aren’t they.

sitting pretty this year

We have a very square living room and this design of sofa was perfect for us and hopefully the design won’t age too much either.  With young children I think darker coloured fabrics work best.  With the best will in the world something is going to get spilled on it – like the person who let her son eat cookies with lovely blue icing on their new sofa.  Thank god I managed to get that mark off the sofa before Daddy P came home – eek!

Daddy P would have loved a leather sofa and it would have been an easier option with a youngster in the house.  But not with a young cat called Brewster. I’m not too sure cats and leather mix too well!  But if he’d had his way then I think we’d have picked something like this.

sitting pretty this year

A great idea for those of you planning to create a kitchen diner this year is to think about a corner sofa arrangement in a snug.  I know a few people who have created a family ‘snug’ area incorporating this kind of sofa and it works really well.  I really fancy the idea of a recliner when my son is a little older.  At the moment I can see a 5 year old playing with it constantly; but it would be a nice option for the future.

sitting pretty this year

Newman & Bright have a whole host of different styles of sofa to keep you sitting pretty this year as you can see if you visit the website.

Are you planning on changing your sofa this year?  What kind of thing would you go for? Fabric or Leather, patterned or plain?

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3 thoughts on “Sitting pretty this year

  1. This post could have been written for me! Our 3 piece suite after 14 years is seriously faded, worn and collapsing (the latter due to being old and then me almost falling into the chair, hearing the springs go, I now struggle to get out as the cushion gets pushed into the bottom of the seat when I sit on it! Oops). We were planning to change them, and then were pleased we didn’t when N came along.

    I really want to change them now. I did suggest leather to the OH, for ease of cleaning but he said no and I’m not a particular fan. They’re just not cosy enough. My mum had an ercol suite we could have had, but it’s too wooden and not enough cushion so not comfy enough. OH needs to be able to sleep on the sofa during calving in case he gets called out in the middle of the night.

    It’s just making a decision on how we’re actually going to decorate the room.

  2. Our sofa is only a couple of years old so hopefully it has plenty of life left in it. It’s a massive decision though when buying a new one. Will it fit? Wear right etc

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