Preposterous Rhinoceros

Preposterous Rhinoceros

We love reviewing for Maverick Arts Publishing and they’ve sent us a bundle of their latest releases to share with you all.  Cue one very excited Monkey – which one would you like to read first Monkey?  Being a rather big fan of a certain wild animal I wasn’t surprised when he picked Preposterous Rhinoceros.

Preposterous Rhinoceros

Preposterous Rhinoceros is written by Tracy Gunaratnam with colourful illustrations from Marta Costa.  This 32 page paperback picture book is published this week on 28th January and it’s been a big hit here.

The animals all love their bedtime story but disaster strikes one night when King Lion has lost his voice.  What will happen now, it’s always the Lion who reads the story.  Rhinoceros offers to take over the book reading duties until Lion is feeling better, but the other animals laugh at him. He knows nothing about books and we soon learn that the Rhinoceros knows nothing about reading either; which caused lots of giggles from Monkey.

Preposterous Rhinoceros

The poor Rhino has no idea how to read a book so he asks different animals for their advice.  That would be fine, but he takes the advice quite literally – he tries to dive head first into a book!  More giggles from Monkey and more mishaps for the Rhino until finally Shy Salamander sits him down and teaches him how to read.

This really is a lovely book, it’s funny and perfect for a 5 year old Monkey who is learning to read at the moment.  Priced at £6.99 it gets a big thumbs up from Monkey and Mummy.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Great review! Lamb is obsessed with books so I’m always looking out for new ones. This one looks fab x #weekendbookclub

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