Finding your ideal holiday location

Finding your ideal holiday location

Do you need a hand finding your ideal holiday location this year? January has always been a tradition time to grab a selection of holiday brochures for inspiration.  Are you looking for some summer sun or somewhere different to try later in the year? Holiday Gems have a great little quiz which might just solve your problems and it came up trumps for us!

Finding your ideal holiday location with this quiz only takes a couple of minutes and might just save you time in the long run too.

Finding your ideal holiday location

As you go through the Holiday Gems quiz you are asked a series of questions to help narrow down your ideal holiday selection.

Firstly, which month would you like to go away?  We picked October. Then what temperature would you like?  Use the sliding scale to pick your preferred temperature.  We went for warm, with a 5 year old Monkey, I’m not sure we’re ready for scorching hot holidays just yet.  But it would be nice to go somewhere a little warmer than home.

Next question – how long are you willing to spend on a plane?

Finding your ideal holiday location

We’ve flown a number of times with Money, but I’d still not be too keen on a flight that was over 3 hours.  I think the novelty would certainly have worn off for him by then.  I’m all for stress free travel, so I’ll save the longer flights until he’s a bit older I think.

Next – select the activities that are important to you when finding your ideal holiday location.

Finding your ideal holiday location

For us, being close to a family friendly beach and having a hotel with a pool is a must.  If Monkey has somewhere to splash about in he will be a happy boy.  If he’s happy, then so are we.  I do love to explore my surroundings when on holiday and am a bit of a culture hunter.  Sight seeing is am important part of any holiday we take.  I want Monkey to learn about the places we visit, shopping really isn’t a priority for us these days.  Sport is something we’ll look at when Monkey is a bit older, for now we are happy with somewhere we can explore on foot.

Who are you going with?  A very important question.  I’m sure if you are 18 and on holiday with your mates you probably are less likely to want to spend your pool time surrounded b little children.  In the same way we probably wouldn’t be so keen on hearing party animals coming home at 5am.  Obviously, we selected Family with Young Kids for this option!

So what was our ideal holiday location?  I did have wry smile when this came up.

Finding your ideal holiday location

You may remember that we visited the Costa Brava last year with the Catalunya Tourist Board.  We fell in love with the area and it would certainly be an ideal holiday location for us.

Finding your ideal holiday location

When you complete the quiz, it does also give you a couple of alternative destinations – in this instance, Costa Del Sol (we’ll be spending a bit of time there when we visit family in June), Costa Dorada, Costa Almeria and Ibiza.

Holiday Gems can also help you select your actual holiday, as you can click through to their website and see what deals they have available.

How about you, have you decided on your ideal holiday location for 2015?  I’d love to hear what comes up if you take the test.

disclaimer: post in conjunction with Holiday Gems but the words and opinions are my own.


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