Looking smart with Trutex

Looking smart with Trutex

Monkey has been in school uniform since he started in the Nursery class at his school in September 2013.  One thing I’ve learnt along the way is that he is a muck magnet.  I swear he goes to school and looks for every drop of paint, every puddle, every dab of glue and mud, this boy loves mud, all over his uniform.  Then there are the trousers!  Yes, I admit it, I went for cheap, that was a big mistake.  They don’t wash well, they don’t last, well not with monkey anyway.  False economy.  So now Monkey is looking smart with Trutex and he’s managing to stay that way too!

Looking smart with Trutex

Trutex supply everything you could need for a school uniform, I decided on a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a pair of shorts – you know me, I like to plan ahead!  Everything was well packaged and the trousers and shorts were ready to wear immediately.

I went for the Junior Classic Fit Trousers in black, aged 5.  I have to be totally honest, I didn’t realise that they didn’t come with an adjustable waist and panic set in when they arrived.  Would they actually fit? I had nothing to worry about, with the elasticated back, they fit really well and Monkey prefers them as he’s always complaining about his other trousers being uncomfortable.  I also loved the look of these trousers, the material is thicker than other school trousers we have.  They really look the part.

Looking smart with Trutex

The length is fine, I think age 6 would have just been too long for him at this point in time. The true test with these trousers came last Tuesday.  I got a call from school to collect Monkey, he’d had an accident and fallen heavily on his nose.  Bless him, he was in a bit of a state and his new trousers were covered in blood which had now dried.  Oh no, never mind Monkey.

I was mighty impressed, the trousers have washed well, no staining and are now back in action.

The white polo shirt is aged 5-6 years, its longer than other polo shirts we have, so there is room for a growth spurt or two over the coming months.  It also washes well, and hopefully it will continue to do so in warmer weather when it’s not protected from the daily rigors of school life by a sweatshirt.

Monkey loved the Pull on Basic Boys Shorts as soon he tried them on.  Again, like the trousers these have an elasticated back rather than being adjustable, but they fit well, with room for growth too.

Looking smart with Trutex

Bless him, he really wants to wear his new shorts to school, as he’s not had school shorts before.  Think we might need to wait for slightly warmer weather though.  But if the trousers are a guide, I can see these shorts also washing and wearing well.

You can visit the website to find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and Monkey and I can thoroughly recommend the brand.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review

10 thoughts on “Looking smart with Trutex

  1. I wish N’s future school had plain white t shirts, the school we want him to go to has yellow polo shirts – grim, and they do look grimy!

    Monkey looks really cute in the shorts – I do love to see them in shorts. Good tip on uniform buying. I can see N going through uniform at a fast rate of knots if the state of his nursery jumpers is anything to go by!

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