Putting Work Force socks to the test

Regular readers of the blog will know that not only does Daddy P works very long hours but he also has rather large feet.  I pray every day that Monkey will not follow suit, on either score particularly!  But Daddy P does work very hard and his poor feet have to endure a lot. Having size 14 feet means that we have to buy all of his shoes and boots on-line and there’s only one high street shop that we know of that can help with socks.  But when you are working long hours, running between an office and warehouse you really need something more substantial than run of the mill socks.  Daddy P has been putting Work Force socks to the test.

Putting Sock Shop Work Force socks to the test

We received a pack of 3 Safety Boot Socks in size 12-14 for Daddy P, although sizes 6-11 are also available.

Work Force socks are available in a number of different options, with the specific needs of the wearer in mind.  Whether it be for a construction worker or someone wearing long boots or trainers, Work Force socks have the answer.  Daddy P wears Doc Marten style shoes and boots at work, and he was looking forward to having socks that would take a little more care of his feet for a change!

Putting Work Force socks to the test

Our first impression when Daddy P opened the packet – wow they are really big.  The Work Force socks are definitely bigger than the 12-14 socks he buys from the high street.  This was quite a novelty for Daddy P.  Would they feel as big on?

Putting Work Force socks to the test

They seemed fine to me. Daddy P is a creature of habit, and he’s got so used to wearing thin socks that it’s taken a bit of getting used to, to have something actually far more suitable.

The Safety Boot socks have arch support, offering extra comfort, and a ‘full terry cushion’ footbed for comfort and shock absorption.  Thy are made from 82% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 3% Elastane and are hopefully going to give Daddy P’s feet a little bit of VIP treatment in the months ahead.

They’ve even come into their own when we’ve been out and about.  The socks have washed well and so no signs of wear as yet, so Daddy P is rather pleased.

Putting Work Force socks to the test

Priced at £12.00 for a pack of 3, these socks from Work Force will provide comfort and support to Daddy P’s feet during his long working week and I’m sure that they will last a lot longer too!

For the full range of socks available for both men and woman in all sizes why not pop over to the website, where you can also buy direct.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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4 thoughts on “Putting Work Force socks to the test

  1. Good price. You’ll have to let me know how long they last. The OH moans about socks because he goes through them lots and we’ve only found M&S sports socks to be any good – only because they’ve got the elasticated bit over the top of the foot to prevent the sock riding down inside the boot. We’ve tried ‘work boot’ socks but they don’t stay up and they get holes in really quickly. Wellies are obviously not nice to socks!

  2. Great informative blog! Decent mens socks can be so hard to find… have these stood the test of time? If I’m buying socks as a gift for someone, i tend to get them on MyTights.com as it means I don’t have to venture to the shops but definitely looking for more options!

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