The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship

The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship #alphabetphoto

Week 6 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for F?  Last year it was Ferrari, no surprise really considering I’m totally addicted to the Red Prancing Horse and motor racing.  But this year there could only be one choice.  My The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship.

The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship

As many of you know blogging has brought me some wonderful friendships, and Iona at Redpeffer is one of them.  We’ve become really good friends and  it’s hard to believe we only actually met in person last March.

Since then we’ve met quite a few times and our children got to meet for the first time last July.  It soon became obvious that Monkey and Iona’s children were going to get on well. Phew!  There’s almost a year between her son and Monkey, and since that first visit we’ve seen a wonderful friendship develop between the two boys.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at Packwood House and I think it totally sums up this wonderful little friendship.  Two little boys playing hide and seek when the only thing to hide behind was a skinny tree!  There were squeals of delight as they chased each other round and round.

Iona and her family have watched as my shy, timid, little Monkey has blossomed in their company.  The family get to see the ‘real’ Monkey now – bossy (no idea where he gets that from), loud at times, happy and talkative.  The Monkey that doesn’t often show his face. It’s so wonderful for me to see his is totally comfortable in their company.  He will now happily run off with Iona and ask to go off and talk to her husband, as we saw today when we visited Waddesdon Manor together.

It’s magically to see my little boy make friends and watch their friendship develop.  Games are played, adventures are had, fun and laughter are guaranteed, and today Monkey even shared his toys. Well, all apart from his beloved Combine Harvester!  But, to see him sharing with no arguments is a real breakthrough.  To see him happy to leave my side and explore with his friends is just so wonderful.

We’re all going on holiday to Coombe Mill, in Cornwall next month and the children are all so excited.  Yes, blogging has brought me friends, some really lovely friends, but for it to have also given my son some special friendships too is more than I could ever have imagined.  I cannot wait to see them spend a week together.  I’m sure there will be downs as well as ups in this friendship; children are children after all, but I know there will be lots of happy memories made together.

So my The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship is hoping that this little bond will last a lifetime.  Who knows whether it will, but right now, it’s wonderful to watch it grow.

The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship


8 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project F is for Friendship #alphabetphoto

  1. Lovely post Mary. We were just talking about this very thing-how wonderful to see the blossoming relationships and to hear the laughter together. Yes, I hope it lasts forever as well, for all of us xx

  2. Grace says – What a lovely post. I totally agree about blogging helping you make awesome friends. That’s how I feel about my lil’ dude Lucas. I hope you have as much fun on your holiday as we did when we went to Forest Holidays last year xx #alphabetphoto

  3. Such a lovely post and I hope you have a fab time away together. Looking forward to hearing all your tales from Coombe Mill 🙂 #alphabetphoto

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