Crocodiles of the World #CountryKids

We try to meet up with Monkey’s godmum (my oldest friend) and her now 9-year-old daughter as often as we can.  They live in Wiltshire, so we try to find places of interest for both children to explore somewhere halfway whenever possible.  I’ve been meaning to take Monkey to Crocodiles of the World for ages, and figured it would be a good bet for a February meet up.  Based just outside Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, it was easily accessible for all.

Crocodiles of the World

Monkey and I got to the Crocodile Zoo just as it was opening and parked up.  I’d built up my Nectar points so was able to exchange them for a £15 days out voucher, so it only cost the 2 of us 45p to enter!  I do like a bargain day out.

Crocodiles of the World

Mummy are they real?  Yes they are Monkey, they’re Caiman – remember you saw some on Andy’s Wild Adventures on CBeebies? No, Mummy, they are not real! Oh, but they are.

Crocodiles of the World

Godmum and Miss M arrived shortly after us and after a quick whizz around the main zoo area we grabbed a coffee and juice in the cafe area and planned our day.

The kids were eager to get started and so we had a look at the Iguanas and Tortoises being fed first.  It’s fair to say that the tortoises were far more active that the Iguanas!

Crocodiles of the World Crocodiles of the World

Monkey was fascinated with these two – he really wasn’t convinced that a number of the exhibits were actually live as they were so still.

Crocodiles of the World

Crocodiles of the world is home to a host of Nile Crocodiles, American alligators, Black Caiman, as well as Giant Tortoises and snakes.  There is a children’s quiz to complete and plenty of information points throughout.

Crocodiles of the World

A 5 year old Monkey was interested in what the animals ate, and Miss M could learn more about where each animal lived.  It was great to be somewhere that really captivated them both.

Crocodiles of the World

We definitely wanted to see the crocodile feeding so we headed to the Crocodile House for the first display of the day.  It has to be said that there is a certain smell in the air in the big barn homing a large number of Nile Crocodiles.  Some might find it a bit overwhelming, but for a child obsessed with all thing pooh, Monkey wasn’t bothered at all.

Crocodiles of the World

It’s worth getting to the crocodile house early, in time for the feeding sessions as it gets really busy.  We found a prime spot and the kids enjoyed looking down onto the bask of crocodiles.

Crocodiles of the World

We all learnt something from the talk given by the keeper – I had no idea that crocs can be trained to respond to a name or that they can go months between meals.  The children were totally enthralled.

Crocodiles of the World

It was coming up to lunchtime and as the inside cafe area is quite small we left the feeding session early to ensure we could get a table.  There are sessions throughout the day so we knew we could come back again later.

Between the main zoo area and the crocodile house there is a play area and picnic tables, but being February we had decided on buying lunch rather than bringing our own.

The only weak spot to our day at Crocodiles of the World was definitely the cafe really.  For a family friendly attraction we felt the children could be better catered for on the food front. There were no kids lunch boxes which I always think work well with kids; especially fussy eaters.  Miss M has a few allergy issues and the sandwiches including mayonnaise, pickle and egg were not an option for her.  The assistant did find her one ham salad sandwich which she could eat.  Monkey was more than happy with his sandwich and apple juice, but we heard a grandfather later in the day whose grandson didn’t like mayonnaise. It’s an area which could do with some improvement, but it didn’t stop us enjoying the day.

After lunch Monkey and Miss M were off again exploring.

Crocodiles of the World

There were snakes to see, one had the kids spellbound as it climbed up the wall of its enclosure.

Crocodiles of the World

There was also an area where you could see alligator hatchlings of various ages.

Crocodiles of the World

Monkey really enjoyed seeing these small reptiles and found it hard to believe how huge they would one day become.

Crocodiles of the World

There was so much for the children to take in and they could wander around as much as they liked.

We decided it was time for some fun outdoors and for a Crocodile Dundee moment!

Crocodiles of the World

Crocodiles of the World

When we were kids, Guru Gramps had a large aviary in our garden and we had a couple of Macaws, I’ve loved them ever since, so it was lovely to see a couple here too.

Crocodiles of the World

There is also a chance for children to hold a young alligator and have their photo taken.

Crocodiles of the World

Whilst Monkey was happy to just stroke the alligator, Miss M was feeling brave and enjoyed her moment with the alligator.  There are photo packages available, with a jungle background being added to the photos, if you choose to buy.

Crocodiles of the World

Then we were off to see their grown up family members!

Crocodiles of the World

We all got to feel a snake and see giant tortoises, and other reptiles including monitor lizards.  Monkey was rather impressed when I told him I’d seen them in the wild. When our day was over, it was obvious that the children had really enjoyed themselves.  In fact, when Monkey and I got home he spent the rest of the day reliving the things we’d seen and held a number of crocodile feeding sessions with his toy crocs.  That tells me that Crocodiles of the World is a great day out.  We can thoroughly recommend.

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  1. I have never heard of this place! Thanks so much for the post – my two are fascinated by ‘snap snaps’ (crocodiles) so I will remember this and maybe we will make a day trip one of these days. One for the list! x

  2. That looks amazing-I’ve seen a few crocs in various aquariums and they always look so still that they don’t look real, and then they move! They can be fast. Definitely a place to visit in the future. You’ve just reminded me of when I saw them in the wild too-in Africa. They were huge!!

  3. It looks like you had a great day out, and the kids both enjoyed themselves. It’s great that they had so many different animals there for Monkey and Miss M to meet and learn about. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. I found it a really odd place. Just out in the sticks, and then you come across it. We enjoyed it too, although it looks like there’s more climbing frames than when we were there, and we didn’t stay long enough for all the extra talks other than the feeding and one talk.

    We didn’t use the cafe, but it is a bit weird that as a kiddy friendly attraction, you’d think they’d either have some kids sandwich options (it without sauces and condiments), or make them up as requested.

  5. Crocodiles and snakes really freak me out. It’s amazing how kids are so much braver than adults. We took little T to a zoo once and she wasn’t scared at all, not even with the snakes and crocodiles! #countrykids.

  6. Such an interesting place and most unusual. Not sure it’s my thing but something I’d brave for the kids!

  7. My son would just want to go there to have a chance to see the snakes and hold any of them! We’ve actually seen both crocs and alligators in the wild in Florida depending if it was fresh or salt water which was pretty amazing for the kids.

  8. That looks like a fantastic day out and very interesting. I loved seeing crocodiles in the wild when I was in Australia, they were so fascinating, so this would be great to take the children to.
    She was very brave to hold that little crocodile!

  9. Lucas says – What an AWESOME day out. The Moher’s hiding behind a pillow whilst I’m looking that these photos. They are MEGA crocodiles. I am really jealous!
    The Mother says (from behind a pillow) – What a bargain for a day out and although it looks a bit scary, it looks like you had a great day out 🙂

  10. That does look like a good day out. I used to love near Brize Norton but I don’t think it was open back then. There is big crocodile park near Mont St Michel and visitors to the gite have said it is good. But I have a question – did YOU hold a croc?

    Many thanks for adding our first crocodiles to #AnimalTales

  11. Well, that has gone on the list. My kids will love that place. And what a surprising thing to find on the UK – not the zoo, but the idea of a crocodile conservation centre.

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