The Alphabet Photography Project G is for Giraffe #alphabetphoto

Week 7 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for G?  Last year I chose Grandparents but this year I’m going back to one of our favourite places for inspiration.  The Alphabet Photography Project G is for Giraffe, and our last visit to Whipsnade Zoo last summer.

The Alphabet Photography Project G is for Giraffe

This isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken of a giraffe but I just love it.  We got to see a baby giraffe last year and Monkey was fascinated in the difference in size between the baby and the adult giraffes.  I love the ‘I’m on tiptoes’ to see what I can see; a brief moment in time.

They are animals that have always captivated me with their long legs that look as if they really shouldn’t be able to support their bodies.  They look so gentle and Monkey seems quite taken with them too.

There is another reason for his love of giraffes I think. He’s had his own giraffe called Geoffrey since he was tiny.

The Alphabet Photography Project G is for Giraffe

Geoffrey was a present from one of my customers in Sweden and he was an instant hit. He is so soft and perfect for a baby, but 5 years on and Geoffrey the Giraffe is still much loved and he still lives on Monkey’s bed.

So all in all we rather like Giraffe’s in this house – how about you?

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  1. Ah what a beautiful giraffe, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so close up. And such a cutie with his cuddly giraffe. x #alphabetphoto

  2. What a lovely photo and a great story as to why Giraffe’s play a big role in your family. We love Whipsnade – it’s only a 20 minute drive away from us. Let us know when you’re visiting again as we’d love to meet you for a cuppa and a chat xx #alphabetstory

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