Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

Yes I have been counting down the weeks, and now it’s not long to wait until the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne shows us whether Ferrari will be any good this year.  Monkey is really starting to get into Formula One now, but doesn’t quite understand that Alonso doesn’t drive for Ferrari anymore.  He’s been getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i.

Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

We’re big fans of me&i here, the Swedish clothing brand produce some great ranges for kids and Mums alike.  Monkey has a few of their tops, and they all wash and wear really well, I still love the top I received last year too.

Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

As my 5 year old Monkey seems to be growing almost on a daily basis at the moment, I decided to opt for the 122/128 size of top which is normally for ages 6-8.  The other me&i tops he has are all 110/116 (age 4-6) and I wanted to be sure that this great new Racing Top will see him through the season and beyond.

So what did my F1 fan think of his new Racing Top?  He loves it.

Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

He hates having his tops tucked in, so the length is perfect for him.  Can I wear it for all the races Mummy?  I think you could – you like it then?

Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

The top is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane which makes it very comfortable to wear for active kids, and I find that I rarely need to iron these tops either – bonus!  Priced at £18.00 I know how well this Racing Top is going to last.  Monkey is getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i and he’s one happy little boy.

The classic car design is sure to go down well when we visit Gramps in Spain in June.  He’s a big historic cars fan.

me&i have a great range of clothes as I’ve already mentioned, and the kids ranges are particularly colourful. If we hadn’t fallen in love with the car themed top, I know this would have been just as well received!

Getting ready for the new F1 season with me&i

It’s well worth having a look at the me&i website and you can also host parties to share the whole range with family and friends.

We’re big fans and I’m hope the top will give Ferrari some good luck to get off to a flying start this season!

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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