A memory box for Monkey #safestoreyourmemories

Daddy P’s Mum died before we met and as many of you know, his father died just a few months before Monkey was born.  It’s meant that there are lots of gaps in information regarding Daddy P’s childhood.  Lots of questions we will never have the answers to.  A baby book only partially filled – when did Daddy P get his first tooth, when did he start crawling and walking? I was determined right from the start that Monkey would have every snippet of information available to him in the future.  A memory box for Monkey is something I started early on. Safestore asked me if I’d like to get involved with their #safestoreyourmemories campaign and it seemed like a good time to upgrading his memory box.

A memory box for Monkey

A memory box for Monkey contains all sorts of things, from his baby book to photographs. Leaflets for places we’ve visited, theatre tickets for shows we’ve seen.    Holidays we’ve shared, birthday parties we’ve enjoyed.  Pets we loved.

A memory box for Monkey

A selection of precious toys – a first Christmas Winnie the Pooh, a my first Teddy, a beloved pram toy that went everywhere with us, and even a Teddy that belonged to Monkey’s Grandpa P.  I need to get Daddy P up in the loft to find our first memory box so we can put everything together in one place – first shoes, Christening outfit, birth and christening cards.  So many treasured mementos to treasure for the future.

A memory box for Monkey

When we’d finished assembling the contents for a memory box for Monkey it was time to think about decorating it.  Monkey is a prolific artist now he is at school so I thought it would be a lovely idea to cover his memory box in some of his own artwork.  So that’s exactly what we’ve done.  We’ve deliberately not totally covered the box so we can add other artwork in the future.

A memory box for Monkey

A memory box for Monkey that’s totally unique, a box containing many memories to be kept and opened from time to time, memories to be shared, information to be passed on.

Do you have memory boxes for your children?  What do you keep inside?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


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3 thoughts on “A memory box for Monkey #safestoreyourmemories

  1. I have memory boxes for both the children and a constantly growing pile of things to add to the boxes. Such a lovely thing to look back on for us and the children x

  2. Such a lovely idea. I have lots of things of the Little A’s but I really need to sort them out into one place for them. So lovely to look back through and pass on when they are older.

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