The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten #alphabetphoto

Week 11 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for K? Last year it was Knight, but what on earth to pick this year?  I was really struggling on this one and then a certain Brewster meandered into the living room, and my problem was solved! The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten.

The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten

When I finally had to say goodbye to my beloved Monty, I swore it would be a long time before I had another cat.  He’d needed so much attention with his medical needs that I was drained.  I really believed I was done with pets, for a while anyway.

Then, literally a few weeks after Monty had died I got a text from a friend.  There’s a little kitten who really needs a home.  He’s Mum’s rejected him and he’s being hand reared by a friend.  You’d be perfect for each other.  Ever the soft touch, I don’t think it was even 60 seconds before I asked for more details!

Messages were passed back and forth and a photo was received.  It was love at first sight really.  The kitten and his carer came to visit so we could formally say hello to each other. He chose me, it was instant, and soon as the kitten was out of the basket he came straight to me.  This tiny, little, bundle of fluff.  Yes please, we’d love to give him a home.

We had to wait a few more weeks for our bundle of mischief to move in permanently. What shall we call our kitten Monkey? Brewster, and that was it.  Our home was full of cat litter, toys and wrecked curtains!  Having cats that had made 17 and 18, I’d forgotten what having a kitten was like.  But, one look from those little eyes and he was forgiven for all his misdemeanors!  He is the heart of our home and is very much loved.

So The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten, and actually now, nearly 3 years on, it seems impossible to remember him being that small!

The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten

What would you pick for K????

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9 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten #alphabetphoto

  1. He was a gorgeous kitten, I’m quite sad sometimes that I’m so allergic to cats (and so is the 8yo!) x #alphabetphoto

  2. Awww – Brewster is lovely and grew from a cute kitten to a gorgeous kitty.
    My letter K would have to be Kitty as we have 4 of them.
    Many thanks for adding Brewster’s story to #AnimalTales

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