The Alphabet Photography Project O is for Old #alphabetphoto

Week 15 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to O.  Last year I picked Olives, something that always reminds me of my parents and where they live in Spain. This time around I very nearly went for a photo from my first trip to the Opera.  But then I was looking through some recent photos and this one jumped out at me. The Alphabet Photography Project O is for Old.

The Alphabet Photography Project O is for Old

This ‘artwork’ dated 1760 is carved into the stonework of something even older; Kenilworth Castle.  I visited Kenilworth Castle for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I was trying not to celebrate getting ever closer to 50!  It was mine and Monkey’s first time there, and Daddy P hadn’t been since he’d been on a school trip – a very long time ago.

I will write-up a full post on our adventures at some point soon, but Iona from Redpeffer made a comment about the ‘artwork’ and there are lots to be seen around the castle walls.  It was something along the lines of ‘At what point does graffiti become acceptable?’  I’m not sure that at the time it’s ever acceptable, Monkey would certainly be in very deep trouble with me if he added artwork freely anywhere.  But the history lover in me, is so glad that not everyone feels the same.  It’s a snapshot of a visit from all those years ago.  Of course, I’m, now left wondering who H Squires was, where he/she lived, what did they do, why were they there in 1760?  Questions which will remain unanswered I’m sure.

The Alphabet Photography Project O is for Old.  What would you pick?

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  1. Fascinating, it really does make you wonder who they were and why they were writing on walls! #Alphabetphoto

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