Toot’s Harbour – app review

Monkey enjoys watching Toot the Tiny Tugboat and he’s even happier playing apps now I’ve got the iPad mini so over the last week he’s been trying out the new Toot’s Harbour app.

Toot's Harbour

Toot’s Harbour has recently been released and is aimed at children aged 5 years and under.  It features the friendly Tugboat and all his friends which you will recognise from the TV series.

Toot’s Harbour features a couple of games and starts with Toot showing you around the harbour and introducing you to all of his friends.  You can also steer Toot around, there are two control options for this which can be changed in settings.  Monkey found the sliding bar option easiest after trying the arrows first.

Toot's Harbour

Once you’ve finished having fun looking around the harbour you can tap the icon in the top righthand corner to access the other games.

Toot's Harbour

Monkey liked the I Spy Game – you need to remember where the various characters live around the harbour so you can swivel around the screen to find them before the time runs out.

Toot's Harbour

The Towing Game is a little harder for children to play, as you help Toot tow various vessels back to the safety of the harbour.  This game helps children work on their hand-eye coordination as they have to steer Toot along the arrows to find the stranded vessel and then once the tow line is in place you have to help Toot return to the harbour.

Toot's Harbour

There are rewards to be earned in the games as you progress which is always a nice incentive for younger ones.

Toot's Harbour

There are no in-app purchases to worry about the app is available from iPhone and iPad users for £2.99.

Toot’s Harbour is an enjoyable app for children and Monkey has enjoyed playing it.  At 5 he is at the upper age limit for this app, so this may not hold his attention as well as younger children, but he is still working on improving his skills on the Towing Game

disclaimer: we were given free access to this app in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Thanks for this review I’m always looking out for new apps which little Mister and Mademosielle can share- this maybe one of them!

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