Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

I’m always on the lookout for companies that can provide a good mix of high quality products. It’s always handy to have a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to buying presents and it certainly saves times. I was recently introduced to a company that certainly ticks the box. Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier, and they have a really wide range to suit all ages.  They have a slightly different angle on their service too – Wicked Uncle see themselves as a present delivery service for the whole family.  Whether it be to deliver a present on behalf of a grandparent, Auntie or maybe even a god mother.

Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

You can also add extra touches, such as gift wrapping – 10 options available and hand written cards. Wicked Uncle have a birthday reminder service too.  Once you’ve selected your gifts, they can be sent directly to the recipient, and even include a thank you card with your details so the child can thank you and let you know you’ve made a good choice!

I know a lot of people prefer not to have gender specific categories when searching for presents, but I personally find it quite helpful when I’m looking for one particular child. Having only got Monkey, I can become a bit blinkered when it comes to buying presents for girls! Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier as you can select the age of the child you are hoping to surprise, or look at the most popular items at the time.

I had a £40 budget and was looking for something to entertain a 5 year old Monkey.

I had a really hard time selecting Monkey’s treats as there really was so much to choose from and at competitive prices.

Although one thing caught my eye immediately as it had been on Monkey’s birthday present ideas list from last December. It was time for some real walkie talkies and priced at £29.99 I thought they would be a bargain. They would offer hours of entertainment and Monkey’s wanted a proper working set for ages. First decision made – FM Walkie-Talkies.

Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

The Wicked Uncle site has lots of information about the product, including that batteries would be required.  Always useful to know.  If I could make one comment, it would be to have batteries available to buy too.  I was that Auntie who gave her niece a present one Christmas without buying the batteries to go with it.  I have never made that mistake again.  I think it’s particularly relevant for a gift sending service and this set needs 2 x 9V batteries, which most of us don’t have in our ‘battery store’.

So what else could I buy for Monkey from Wicked Uncle? I was tempted with a few books (you know me) but then I spotted something that would fit in well with something he’d be learning about at school. I picked a Space Torch projector set. A new idea for us and something with educational value too.

Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

Priced at £6.95 I could see that this would spark Monkey’s imagination and would lead to lots of discussions.

Order placed and delivery was prompt.  Just what you want when you are ordering gifts.

The best thing about ordering presents is the look on the face of the receiver when you hand them over.  Monkey was thrilled. Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier and certainly brought a smile to this Monkey’s face.

Wicked Uncle makes finding presents easier

disclaimer:  we were given a gift code so we could try out the service for ourselves.  Our comments remain our own thoughts.


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