Every so often something catches my attention that’s a little different, that has lot’s of possibilities, that’s quite simply fun. The range from eatsleepdoodle is precisely that – different and fun and I knew there would be some entertainment to be had.


None the wiser?  Well eatsleepdoodle are a company providing a range of textile sets for the creative in us all.  From aprons to bunting, the range is made from high quality, heavy-duty cotton and are supplied with wash out fabric pens.  I really like the concept – get scribbling and then when you fancy a change, just put your artwork in the washing machine and start again!

We received the doodle place mat – which comes in a set of four mats, complete with double ended wash out fabric pens.


I am no Picasso, considering I’m an Aries and left-handed – the artistic tendencies certainly passed me by.  But I’ve always been a fan of ‘colouring in’ and it’s a great way to unwind.  I thought the eatsleepdoodle placemats could very well keep me and my 5 year old Monkey amused.  I was right.

We’ve both been getting creative with eatsleepdoodle and it’s been a great way for getting Monkey to stay in the kitchen with my whilst I’ve been cooking dinner.   It’s something we can work on together, or have fun individually.

There was some panic at the weekend though, which made me chuckle.  I’d been out for the day with my niece, came home and Daddy P told me we’d got a problem.  Monkey had spilled water on his newly decorated place mat.  Never mind, I’ll wash it and we can start again!


They really do totally wash out, as good as new and ready for some more creativity.  The only issue we really have with these placemats is their size.  We have a small circular kitchen table that we normally eat at.  The placemats are 47 x 33cms, so for us, they are just a bit too big for us to use all together.  But Monkey has really taken to the idea, he likes me to start him off – Mummy, draw Brewster, and then he takes off.  We even got some writing!!!

This particular set costs £20 for the four placemats and a set of 10 double ended wash out fabric pens.  With summer fast approaching I love the idea of their Bunting set which would be great for summer garden parties, but could be just as easily set up in a bedroom or for a birthday party.  I’m also quite taken with the doodle tablecloth, something for all the family to get involved in.

Next month sees the launch of framed placemats which I can see being very popular too.

copyright: eatsleepdoodle
copyright: eatsleepdoodle

Order can be placed directly from eatsleepdoodle and if you have a family party, wedding or birthday parties coming up, it will be well worth checking the range out in my opinion.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Lol, these look great fun. Not sure the OH would be impressed, but it certainly does the job for hungry children

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