The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trevone #alphabetphoto

Week 20 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to T.  Last year I had T is for Train and I was very tempted to go with that again.  We do love our steam trains here after all. What to choose instead?  It’s been a tough one, I thought of Tiles, Towers but finally returned to our recent trip to Cornwall. The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trevone.

The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trevone

We arrived at Trevone on the Thursday before Easter, it could hardly be described as a warm, sunny day.  But it didn’t stop us, Redpeffer and her family from spending the whole day there.  We had almost the whole beach to ourselves.  The kids were happy digging holes, Daddy P tried flying his kite and Iona and I just soaked in the scenery.  There is nothing better than the sound of the waves, yes, said by someone with water issues!  But it’s true.  I’ve always been mesmerised by the sea at the seaside, and in Cornwall the beaches and cliffs are just beautiful.

In a previous life I walked along the cliff tops from Trevone to Polzeath.  The weather wasn’t really nice enough to persuade Monkey away from his bucket and spade, so I’ll save showing him the cliff walks for a future date.

We have a lovely day on Trevone beach, we may not have had the weather, but it certainly didn’t stop Monkey having an ice cream!

What would you pick for T?

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5 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trevone #alphabetphoto

  1. I love Trevone! It’s my absolute favourite beach, although I think there’s always a nip in the air on even a warm day.

  2. Such a lovely photo! I’m from Swansea and this really reminds me of the coastline on Gower! For me this week, T is for Tiny, remembering my 15 month old as she was at just one month old! x

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