Having fun at Avebury

It has to be over 25 years since I last visited Avebury in Wiltshire.  Monkey’s godmum lives not too far away, and when we’d meet up earlier in the year, she’d suggested it as a meet up venue for us and the kids.  A date was set in the diary and we headed down fin the glorious sunshine on Wednesday.  It wasn’t long before we were having fun at Avebury, and not just with running between the various stones that form the large stone circle!

Having fun at Avebury

We walked up to the Old Farmyard from the car park (free parking for NT and EH members) grabbed a drink an waited in the sunshine for Godmum V and Miss M to arrive.

First up on the agenda was some Wild Wednesday fun – planting seeds in pots to collect later in the day, sitting on a tractor (which Monkey decided to do later in the day at the exact moment his mother nipped to the ladies – sighs!) and looking at the sheep in the adjoining fields.

The stone circle covers four fields in Avebury and all are easily accessible.

You can get right up close to the stones which is great for inspiring kids imaginations. We spent time spotting faces on the stones and Godmum V pointed out this hare – can you see it?

Having fun at Avebury

There was time for Miss M to do some rolling down a hill.  Monkey wasn’t quite so brave.

Having fun at Avebury

Monkey and Miss M are working through their ’50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ books and making a Grass Trumpet is something we haven’t done.  Godmum V gave Monkey some lessons but it’s work in progress.

Having fun at Avebury

We couldn’t have picked a better day, having fun at Avebury, in the sunshine.  Enjoying the countryside, being outdoors.

We bumped into Iona and family, who had also decided to visit.  After lunch back at the Farmyard we decided to head into Avebury Manor – we would be having fun at Avebury, both inside and out.

Having fun at Avebury 12

Avebury Manor is no ordinary old house, in this property children can touch pretty much anything, can explore, dress up and even jump on the beds!!  I kid you not.

Monkey and Miss M had a wonderful time.  We already love the various trials that run through most National Trust properties.  At Avebury Manor we were looking for ladybirds, the two detectives found them all.  Each room is set in a different time period and as well as spotting ladybirds, there were lots of things for the kids to try out, hands on learning at its best.

Having fun at Avebury

There’s someone on the phone Mummy?

Having fun at Avebury

Who’s washing the dishes?

Having fun at Avebury

Shall I grind some coffee beans for your coffee Mummy?

Having fun at Avebury

Come hither wench and serve me my dinner!

Having fun at Avebury

Can we really got on the beds Mummy?  Yes, you can, you can even get in them!

Having fun at Avebury

Having fun at Avebury

It was so refreshing for Monkey to be able to wander around the various rooms and not worry about him touching precious objects.  He relished the experience, and we spent much longer enjoying each room than we would on a normal visit.  Can thoroughly recommend.

We were having fun at Avebury, and it was time to get back outdoors and enjoy the weather.

Having fun at Avebury

We had planned to walk to Windmill Hill, but the kids were in charge when we came to a fork in the footpath – they much have smelt a playground!

We had a wonderful day, having fun at Avebury and I’m sure we’ll be back again over the summer for some more of Monkey jumping on the beds!

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9 thoughts on “Having fun at Avebury

  1. That looks brilliant, how fabulous that they can do so much in the house! And, I love the look of the stone circle. Looks like you had a lovely day for it x

  2. That looks fab. It’s amazing to be able to touch exhibits like that. It’s not wonder kids normally get bored in old houses when they have to look, but don’t touch!
    Popping over from Country Kids 🙂

  3. That does look like you all had fun. We are going to have to go back and explore further-I couldn’t tear my two away from the ditch and to be honest the weather was so good that I rather enjoyed siting on the grass simply watching them play! A friend of mine who knows Avebury well told me about a quicker route yesterday so we will definitely be gong back over the summer 🙂

  4. One of my favourite places. Haven’t been in the manor for a while. Not since having children. Looks very child friendly. Must add it to my list this summer. Hope Monkey masters the grass trumpet soon. #CountryKids

  5. I remember my nephew on his 11th birthday panicking as he thought he had 3/4 of a Dayton complete the list. 🙂 Looks like you had lots of fun! x

  6. I love how you can be hands on with the things inside the house in there. I have visited some properties and there are velvet ropes in a lot of them that separates you from the items in the house. A good place to experience the old days! #countrykids

  7. See, I’m not sure that having an NT property where you can Touch All The Things mightn’t ruin my kids for all the ones where you can’t so much. Tricky decision, because otherwise it looks fab. And those stones!

  8. That looks brilliant and what a lovely day you had for it too. How great that Monkey could get hands on with everything too, so often not the case in these types of places.

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