Lost My Name – a book review

I’m a sucker for a personalised book and have heard lots of good things about the Lost My Name books.  Recently we were lucky enough to receive one for Monkey – The Little Boy Who Lost His Name.

Lost My Name

The first thing I noticed when we received our Lost My Name book was the quality of the paper used to produce it.  This book is going to last, it’s a book to treasure. The Lost My Name books are written by David Cadji-Newby and beautifully illustrated by Pedro Serapicos.

Each book has a forward with a personalised message for the recipient.

The book is totally unique to each child, as you follow a little boy or girl as they embark on an adventure.  In our book a little boy has woken up and forgotten his name.  What can it be? He sets out to find his name and meets a number of animals along they way who offer their help.  I soon realised as I read the book to my 5 year old Monkey that the animals were giving the little boy, the letter’s of Monkey’s name.  It took Monkey a little longer, but he soon spelt out his name.  Mummy it’s my name!

Lost My Name

He was totally enthralled as we read our Lost My Name book and I really loved the concept too.  At the end of the story the little boy had been given all the letters to make his name.

The story is told in rhyming text and it really is enchanting.  We’ve talked a lot about the various animals the little boy met on his journey and Monkey has asked for this story to be read over and over at bedtime since it arrived.

Priced at £18.99 each including worldwide postage, the books are easily ordered from the Lost My Name website.  You select whether your book is for a boy or girl, add the name and confirm the language required – current options are English – UK or US, German, Spanish, French or Dutch.  The Lost My Name book would make a lovely birthday present.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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3 thoughts on “Lost My Name – a book review

  1. This is a gorgeous book isn’t it? Like your Monkey, my boy was fascinated by all the letters being collected on the way and was so happy to discover it spelt his name. This book is such good quality and I think would make gorgeous birthday presents for little boys and girls.
    We love this book too!

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