Aunt Bessie’s new Cake range

I know exactly what you are thinking.  Aunt Bessie’s make Yorkshire Puddings – what is she going on about!  Well I kid you not, the well known roast dinner saviour has branched out and it was only right that we should try out the Aunt Bessie’s new Cake range recently.

Aunt Bessie's new Cake range

We received a selection of the Aunt Bessie’s new cake range to try out over the half term holidays.  They weren’t going to last long in this household!

There are a number of new bakes to enjoy – tarts, feature Bakewell tarts, raspberry and coconut tarts and jam bakes. Each pack costs around £1.25 for a pack of four.  We received the Bakewell Tarts, I’m not a fan, but Daddy P and some friends confirmed that they were particularly good, and better than other brands they’d tried. Praise indeed.

Aunt Bessie's new Cake range

Next up are three choices of loaf cakes – carrot cake, ginger cake and a jam and coconut cake.  These are each priced at around £1.50 and serve approximately 6 people.  We received the Carrot Cake, which is topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon.  We all adore Carrot Cake, so I knew this would go down well.

Aunt Bessie's new Cake range

The cake tasted wonderful, but it was very difficult to slice as it was so moist.  We weren’t too fussy about its appearance on the plate, but it might be an issue if you were entertaining.

Finally in the Aunt Bessie’s new Cake range are their round cakes – carrot cake, lightly fruited cake and a rich chocolate cake. Each cake is around £2.30 and serves 8 people.  We received the Lightly Fruited Cake, which is another favourite here.  It really was very good indeed.

The Aunt Bessie’s new Cake range were launched in Tesco stores last month and they get the big thumbs up in this household.  I’ve been given strict instructions to source the Chocolate Cake next!

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review



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