Bugs in the Kitchen – a review for Ravensburger

We’re big bug fans here as you all know, and when I was asked to check out a new game from Ravensburger recently, the title certainly grabbed my attention.  Let me introduce you to Bugs in the Kitchen, which will also be supplied throughout Europe as La Cucaracha.

Bugs in the Kitchen

Bugs in the Kitchen is a great game aimed at those aged 6 years and over, and can be played with 2-4 players.  It’s a real family game.  Play time lasts up to 20 minutes per game.  Monkey is now 5 and half and he already loves this game.  He needs to work on the strategic element of Bugs in the Kitchen, so it’s a game he will get better at in the months ahead.

The game comes with 24 pegs, game board and holder, 4 bug traps, 24 kitchen utensils – knives, forks and spoons, 18 cockroach tokens, dice, 2 trap doors and a HEXBUG Nano bug (complete with battery).

There is some minimal one time construction to put the game together, but the instruction manual is easy to follow and it took me a matter of a couple of minutes to assemble.

Bugs in the Kitchen

Once the game board is set up each player needs to pick a food trap corner, any unused traps are closed off with the trap doors which are slotted over the traps. If only two players are playing Bugs in the Kitchen then it is recommended that who opposite traps are selected.

Bugs in the Kitchen

Then move the utensils on the board to match one of the examples shown in the instruction manual, providing a maze for the bug to crawl through.

The youngest player begins the game, turn the HEXBUG Nano switch on and place the bug in the middle of the board.  Roll the dice and turn the relevant utensil 45 degrees.

Bugs in the Kitchen

If you throw a ? then you can turn any one utensil.Play continues in a clockwise direction and the fun really heats up as you watch the bug trying to get out of the kitchen whilst you try to head him towards your food trap.  That’s the strategic part of the game – trying to work out which utensils to move to give the bug the quickest route to your food trap!

Bugs in the Kitchen

When the  bug is finally lured into a trap, the trap owner wins a cockroach token. Turn off the HEXBUG Nano and set the utensils back to the starting position.  Switch the Nano back on, place in the centre of the board and continue playing in the same way until someone has collected 5 cockroach tokens.

Bugs in the Kitchen

There is also an alternative way to play this game where you try to keep the bug out of your trap.  Every time you fail you receive a cockroach token and the first player to receive 5 tokens loses the game.

Bugs in the Kitchen

We love this game, the introduction of the HEXBUG Nano makes this board game different from anything else we have.

Bugs in the Kitchen

I like the fact that every game played will be slightly different, the Nano has its own idea of how to get to the grub! As I’ve already mentioned, as Monkey gets a bit older he will become more strategic in his game play too.  We’ve all enjoyed playing this game, it’s fast place and a lot of fun.

Bugs in the Kitchen

The quality of the play pieces is as you would expect from Ravensburger, it’s going to last and provide lots of entertainment.  Once you’ve finished play, it’s just a case of storing the Nano, counters and dice in one of the traps, put the lid on the box and it’s tidied away.

Priced at £19.95 you can see my Amazon affiliate link below, Bugs in the Kitchen gets a big thumbs up in this house.

Disclaimer: we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I’ve never seen this game before, it’s so different to anything I’ve seen before using a Nano. I love the fact that every time you play it, it’ll be different. Looks like a really interesting game.
    Great review & good photos

  2. My daughter likes Hexbug Nano and I want something different for her birthday, might be an option as she loves games too.

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