Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

You know we’re big fans of Maverick Arts Publishing here and we had a wonderful delivery just as we were going on holiday.  I asked Monkey which one he’d like to pack in his case and I wasn’t at all surprised when he picked Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers.

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers is written by Alex English, and her last book, Yuck, Said the Yak is still a firm favourite here.  Diggers are a big thing here and we also quite like Pirates so it’s a good mix of subjects.

Imagine a little boy called Brad, destined to be a pirate like his father, but all he really wants to be is a digger driver.  Monkey totally got that, it’s what he’d like to be too.

But poor Brad is sent to sea and it’s a recipe for disaster.  He really isn’t a born pirate. Following the rhyming text and colour illustrations from Duncan Beedie, we follow Brad as me makes one mistake after another.

Captain Blood has had quite enough of his new recruit and send him on a mission – bring back the treasure or else.  It doesn’t look good for Brad!

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers

Things go from bad to worse when his spade handle snaps.  But remember, this little boy wants to drive diggers and by some miracle (Monkey accepted this better than I did), there just so happened to be a building site on the treasure island.

Will Brad be able to save the day, and himself?

I can tell you that Monkey has asked for this book over and over again.  It’s a big hit here.

Priced at £6.99 Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers won’t be walking the plank here anytime soon, it will be sailing on the bedtime story boat for a long time to come.  I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link for you below and hope you enjoy it as much as Monkey does.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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