Dreaming of a functional dining space

We live in Daddy P’s house and it’s the first house I’ve lived in that has a living/dining room.  Most of the time we eat in the kitchen and the dining table only changes from my office to a proper eating space when we have friends over.  I’ve been dreaming of a functional dining space with more suitable furniture.

The table and chairs are old and although there is nothing wrong with the table I just feel a circular table doesn’t work in the area we have available.

Now Monkey is older, I’m not so concerned about spillages on the living room carpet and it would be nice to use the dining space more regularly once I’ve sorted out my office in the spare room.  So what would work?

I’d like to get away from the round table that we have at the moment, but it is really handy that it expands.

I have an Oak display cabinet so it would be great to have a dining table and chair set that matched that, to give the area more of a defined feel.  We need the flexibility to seat 3-4 of us as normal, but with an extendable table we’d be able to entertain family and friends easily too.


I used to have Leather roll back chairs in my previous house and would love to have them again.  Of course, the one concern would be Brewster.  He’s not a kitten any more, but I’d be gutted if he scratched brand new chairs!

So maybe this would be an idea – still with the oak table top, but with white frame and chairs with fabric seats.

This option would save me worrying about Brewster and the seat covers.  Also the white might work quite well in our space too.  The room is quite dark, so this dining set would help lighten the area.

Or perhaps I take my love of all things blue to the next level and bring us into the 21st century with a bang with this set – available with all the chairs in teal!  I’m not sure I’d be able to persuade Daddy P, but I do like the design.


What do you think? I’m dreaming of a functional dining space and some new dining furniture.  Have I got it right?

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post


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