Finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser

I was chatting to a friend at the weekend about bras, as you do.  I can remember desperately wanting a bra when I was at school, I had absolutely nothing to put in it, but I just wanted to be like everyone else.  I was a ‘late developer’ in all aspects of puberty, and it’s on of those times in life that I think few of us forget.  I finally nagged Mum into submission and the smallest bra in the world was purchased.  I wasn’t different any longer! Sadly though, my body never got the it’s time for you to grow’ memo, and cleavage has been something missing from my life ever since.  Ok, there were a few months when being pregnant gave me that ‘bit extra’ feeling, but then I was back to where I started! So finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser recently took me back along my ‘bra journey’.

Finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser

Finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser is an easy task as they have such a wide range.  There really is a bra to suit all tastes and needs.  I live in underwired bras, they are a staple part of my underwear drawer.  Anything that can make me look slightly less flat chested gets a big thumbs up.

I have had plunge bras before and I won’t lie, they make me feel more confident.  They give me boobs, what’s not to like about that!  So I opted for the Ultimo OMG Erin plunge bra in black, if I had any sort of tan I might have scared you all with a selfie, but I’ll save that treat for another time (maybe).

Finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser

I was drawn to the little added detail on the straps and the lace side panels.  I could live without the bow, but that’s a minor detail.  It’s obviously underwired and makes use of the Ultimo gel-technology to enable me to go from a barely there B to a oh yes, C-D in one easy, pain free step.  Happy days.

Now you do need to remember with gel padded bras that they are hand wash, but for me it’s worth it for a bit of added voom.  The bra has been really comfortable to wear, and I’ll be looking for a similar style in white shortly.

Priced at £30.00 finding the perfect bra with House of Fraser was easy work.  Whether you are looking for a t-shirt bra, strapless, maternity or sports bra, they have an excellent range to choose from and prices start from around £10 upwards.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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