Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea

Today I have an absolute gem of a book to share with you.  It’s a picture book, but it is crammed for of educational facts about the world of aquatic creatures.  We explore rock pools and end up in the ocean.  Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea is a magical book and I’m so pleased to be able to share it, not only with Monkey, but with you all too.

Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea

Published by Sasquatch in the US and published here in the UK by GMC Distribution, Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea has so much to offer.  Aimed at children aged 3-7 years of age, this is the perfect book for Monkey to learn more about the underwater world.

We meet a little boy called Pete who goes to the seaside for the day with his puppy Larry. Larry soon becomes the hero of the story as he goes on an aquatic adventure when he gets knocked into a rock pool by a passing wave.

There is both rhyming text from Eric Ode and John Skewes, along with lots of factual information as we follow Larry on his underwater adventure.

You know we love books here that offer plenty of opportunity for discussions and questions and this book is just fab for that.  A 5 and half year old Monkey is already await of some of the creatures featured and recognised the kelp forest from an episode of the Octonauts.  We talked about how fish can breath underwater and all about scuba divers and what they use to help them breathe too.

We followed Larry as he ends up on a special type of submarine – a bathyscaphe, a new word for me, let alone Monkey.  Again he’s aware of the different zones of the deep from the Octonauts show we attended last year, but Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea shows him the information is a fun pictorial way. The illustrations by Skewes really work well with the adventure and have kept Monkey thoroughly absorbed.

Does Larry get reunited with his buddy Pete?  Of course!  We do like happy endings.

This hardback 32 page book is priced at £12.99 and we love it!  I’ve shown my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference, we happily recommend this book.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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