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Modern technology never ceases to amaze me.  You all know I’m a bit of a fossil when it comes to all things techie, I certainly won’t be buying  an e-reader anytime soon.  Monkey always receives a postcard from his Auntie and Uncle when they go on holiday and he sent one to his best friend and school when we were in Spain.  Snail mail still rocks in this household.  Now, I’ve recently discovered an app (go me!) that fuses my love of the old with Monkey’s love of the new!  I used the Inkly Cards app to create a surprise for him and we both loved the results.

Inkly Cards

So the Inkly Cards app offers handwritten, personalised cards and it sends them for you too. I think this app would work brilliantly if you wanted to send a card home from your holidays.  No need to find somewhere that sold stamps, or worry about the postage. What a great idea, and even I think that! As I was going to be away for 3 days recently, which is extremely rare, and Monkey really didn’t want me to go, I thought the app could do me a favour.  I would create a card for Monkey that would arrive whilst I was away.

The app is really user-friendly, if I can work my way round an app, then anyone can.  You can decide whether to use one of the Inkly card templates, for a birthday etc or pick a blank layout.  I opted for the blank layout as I wanted to make a card featuring a combine harvester Monkey saw working in the fields in Spain on our recent trip.

Once I was happy with the layout it was time to personalise the greeting inside.

Inkly Cards

As you can see above there are three options to personalise your message with the Inkly Card app.  I didn’t really want to use the keyboard option, I did try the option using my finger on my iPad but I couldn’t get it work (that’s probably more me than the app) so I opted to write my message and use the iPad camera to scan it in.

Inkly Cards

Again, if I can figure it out, it means its easy to do! The instructions were clear and easy to follow and once I was happy with my design, it was just a case of adding the postage details to the envelope and for £2.99 plus 62p UK postage, Monkey’s card was on its way.

As luck would have it our post arrived just as Daddy P was about to take me to the train station.  I recognised the logo on the envelope and told him that the card was a surprise for Monkey and it was ok for him to open it when he got back from school.  I also asked Daddy P to take a photo of him doing just that, but that slipped his mind (still a bloggers husband in training).  But apparently, Monkey was over the moon, firstly with the combine harvester photos, and secondly that the card was from Mummy.

We re-enacted the scene when I got home!

Inkly Cards

Nearly two weeks later and the Inkly card still has pride of place on the mantlepiece, so I guess it really was well received.

For more information on the free app and compatible devices etc just pop over to the Inkly website.  I have a feeling I will be becoming a regular customer.

disclaimer:  we were given a free code to order a card in exchange for an honest review

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