Fossil Fuel bars

As Monkey and I are often going off on a new adventure I need to think of different things to pack in my bag to keep my energy levels up.  I was recently sent some Fossil Fuel bars and I was looking forward to giving them a taste test.

Fossil Fuel bars

Fossil Fuel produce paleo/primal Macadamia & Cacao and Coconut & Cashew bars which contain only natural ingredients.  The bars contain no refined sugar, additives, preservatives or sulphites and are also gluten free.

I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, but I love cashew nuts, so I had mixed feelings about trying the Fossil Fuel Coconut & Cashew bar.  Would I like it at all?

Fossil Fuel bars

The bars consist of 53% dates, 25% cashew nuts, 19% dried coconut and 3% coconut oil.  I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t find the coconut taste too over powering at all.  I’m not sure they’d be my first choice of snack bar, but Daddy P really does like this version a lot.

Next up – the Fossil Fuel Macadamia & Cacao.  Now this is where the family started to squabble.  These really are lush, and we have all been fighting over them!

Fossil Fuel bars

Made up of 60% dates, 20% cashew nuts, 11.6% macadamia nuts, 5% raw  cacao and I’m presuming 3.4% coconut oil (it doesn’t give the % of this on the package/website).  These really are delicious and as I’ve already mentioned, they are a big hit here.

These bars are available from the Fossil Fuel website, either in separate 12 x 50g packs or in a 12 x 50/50 split for £18.99.  I think £1.58 for this sort of paleo bar is good value for money and we give them the thumbs up here.



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