Keeping kids amused – My Summer Survival Kit

I’m seriously hoping that we get a long stretch of sunny days sometime soon.  It is August after all! We’re hoping to have some of Monkey’s friends around to play and being outdoors is always a good way to keep the peace and ensure everyone has some fun. Keeping kids amused – My Summer Survival Kit with a little help from Tesco and their Clubcard Boost programme.

A summer day spent in the garden here with friends would certainly include fun in the sandpit.  You all know how much Monkey loves diggers and I think his friends would love playing with this Truxx Excavator Sand & Water Toy too.

Keeping kids amused

No summer fun in the garden with Monkey and a friend could be complete with a little water combat could it.  A couple of these SuperSoaker Freeze Fire Water Guns should keep the fun levels at fever pitch.

Keeping kids amused

I’m sure the kids will end up getting totally soaked, so once they’ve finished with the water fights, it will be time to move on to a classic game from my own childhood. The Mum’s might even get a go too with this All Surface Swingball set.

Keeping kids amused

To end a day of keeping kids amused, I’d go for something to quieten everyone down. Another classic game, but one that’s a bit more sedate! A game of Giant Outdoor Dominoes would be the perfect way to end the day.

Keeping kids amused

So my ideas for keeping kids amused, my Summer Survival Kit would normally cost £50.99, but all these items are featured in the Clubcard Boost, so if I pay using my clubcard vouchers I only need to use half that amount.  I do like to grab a bargain!  If you’re not used to how the Boost programme works, then this video explains everything clearly for you.

disclaimer:  I am being compensated for this post, but I’m a big fan of Tesco Clubcard Boost and use it whenever I can.



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