Wild Pets Spider

Wild Pets Spider

Now you know that we are big bug fans here (we’ll gloss over Monkey’s new-found terror of wasps!).  I have friends with a real phobia of spiders but they don’t bother us in this house.  I knew Monkey was going to love a parcel that arrived recently – the Wild Pets Spider from Character.

Wild Pets Spiders

The Wild Pets Spider range are aimed at children aged 5 years and there are 4 different critters to collect – Chiller, Creepster, Eyegore and Wolfgang. Each Wild Pets Spider comes with 3 x LR44 button cell batteries and full instructions.

Monkey received Eyegore and the fun was about to begin.

Wild Pets Spider

Eyegore is operated by touching sensors on the top of his body. There are three different play modes where he also changes the colour of his eyes too.

Blue eyes indicate Creep mode as Eyegore creeps around a small area.

Wild Pets Spider

Green eyes indicate Explore mode as Eyegore gets more adventurous and wanders further afield.

Wild Pets SpiderRed eyes indicate Attack mode and you are in trouble as Eyegore makes a beeline for his intended victim – in most instances this has been me!

Wild Pets Spider

The Wild Pets Spider has caused much hilarity since Eyegore moved in, he really does go when he’s on attack mode.  Even Brewster the cat has been fascinated by the arrival of Monkey’s latest pet.

Wild Pets Spider

One word of warning, watch where your children play with their new pet.  Eyegore decided to have a good look around my bedroom, which was fine, right up until he decided to go under the bed.  We have a wooden framed king size bed with minimum floor clearance, but large enough for Eyegore to get under.  Cue frantically trying to find something long enough and thin enough to persuade him of the errors of his ways and get him back out into daylight.  Would you believe he thanked me by attacking me again.  That’s gratitude for you.

The Spiders work well on lino and carpet and Eyegore will be much played with I’m sure. The Wild Pets Spider range are available on Amazon (affiliate link below) priced at £12.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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