Remembering with Buckley London

Remembering with Buckley London

You may recall that quite some time ago I wrote a post about my grandfather and his brother, and their very different experience of World War One.  Well on 26th September it will be exactly 100 years since my Great Uncle was killed on the battlefield.  I had hoped to spend that day in France, visiting the Cemetery where he is remembered, but we haven’t quite got our plans in place.  But I am still determined.  I know where he is shown, I know the site and I now have a map to get me there.  I just need to get there physically.  It will happen, but maybe not on the exact day.  But whether I’m there or here, I will be remembering with Buckley London and my lovely new RBL Jewelled Poppy brooch.

Remembering with Buckley London

My Great Uncle was one of thousands of men who gave their lives during the First World War, he’d only arrived in France a matter of days before he was killed.  He left a wife and two young children behind.  It’s only over the last 10 or so years that we’ve uncovered his story.  My grandfather was one of the youngest of 13 children, his brother that was killed was the eldest. Growing up, my father wasn’t aware that he had a widowed Aunt living in a house he walked past every day he went to school.  I’d still like to see if I can find my Great Uncle’s living family, sadly my family history research has bee sidelined since Monkey’s arrival.  I really do need to get back into the archives this winter and see what I can uncover.

When I came across Buckley London recently, I was really interested to see that they are the official designer of The Royal British Legion Poppy Collection.  All sale profits from this range go directly to The Legion and to Poppy Scotland. I’m a lover of jewellery anyway, and the collection really struck a chord with me.

Remembering with Buckley London

There is a lovely selection of Poppy jewellery available on the website, this RBL Jewelled Poppy brooch is only £15.00, its plated with a gold tone and contains ruby and jet crystals. The photos really don’t do it justice.

So I’ll be remembering with Buckley London this September, as well as on Remembrance Sunday.  For those of you who know the blog well, you also know I’ll be remembering another ‘poppy‘ on Armistice Day, and I’ll certainly be wearing this Poppy Brooch with pride.

As well as the lovely Poppy Collection, Buckley London have a whole host of other delights to tempt you.  This Azure Crystal Scatter Set might just have been ordered recently.  I couldn’t resist!

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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2 thoughts on “Remembering with Buckley London

  1. good luck with your continued family history research. This is something I love and also have had side-lined somewhat since the boy arrived! This broach is beautiful and a fitting way to remember those lost to us.

  2. Love that poppy brooch and hope you manage to get to France to find where your great uncle is buried and find out more about the family history. We managed to get over to the WWI battlefields for Armistice Day 2008 and it was incredibly moving to be there for the remembrance service.

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