Ethical bedroom furniture choices

Ethical bedroom furniture choices

With the new season approaching, it’s always a good time to take a look at your home and have a think about what you can do to give it a little bit of a makeover.

There’s something about a new season that can really inspires me in my choice of colours and textures. But it’s also important to try and think about all of our social responsibilities too at this special time of year.

Ethical bedroom furniture choices

Whilst it can be easy to get into the trap of simply throwing out old furniture and buying the latest thing, there’s much to be said for embracing the old and giving it a minor facelift. Much has been made of the shabby chic ‘make-do-and-mend’ aesthetic in recent years, and the bedroom is the perfect place to give it a go.

It’s all about getting a captivating blend of mismatched styles that comes together to create a fun and accessible bedroom space. This kid’s bedroom uses some great thrift-store finds in a way that will make your little ones feel perfectly at home, but will give you peace of mind about not adding any more waste to the planet too.

The choice of materials used is also important when considering what furniture to include in your bedroom. Whilst plastics and metals may have a modern look, they can often have a devastating effect upon our planet. And surely, nothing comes close to the simple charms of solid wood as shown in Bedstar‘s highly inviting range of beds that are perfectly suited for your autumnal bedroom aesthetic.

Ethical bedroom furniture choices

But it’s not only your furniture that you should consider. The ethical considerations of soft furnishings must also be factored in, especially with many third-world countries producing a large amount of fabrics and textures. Thankfully a little bit of internet research reveals many ethical manufacturers such as Cascada who have some wonderfully cosy blankets that are created by artisans in South America. By working carefully with local communities and family-run businesses, these companies offer a much fairer and ethical deal for the manufacturer and consumer.

And finally, it’s horrifying to think of the practices that are carried out in order to stuff our pillows. Organisations such as PETA have done much to publicise the harm that is done to our avian friends in providing the down for pillows. But thankfully the increased consumer awareness has meant that there are now many more options to keeping yourself comfortable without causing any unnecessary pain to our feathered friends.

The article is written by Samuel Heston


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