Jumbo Games Disney Pixar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles

This morning was all about me and my love of WASGIJ, this afternoon is all about Monkey and his love of jigsaw puzzles.  He’s been getting to grips with the Jumbo Games Disney Pixar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles he received recently.

Jumbo Games Disney Pixar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles

The puzzle set was waiting for Monkey after school and I was interested to see what he would make of this collection of jigsaws aimed at children aged 3+.

Jumbo Games Disney Pixar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles

The 4 puzzles each offer varying degrees of difficulty as the pieces get smaller – from the Toy Story scene with 16 pieces, Monsters University 24 pieces, Cars 35 pieces through to the Finding Nemo scene which has 50 pieces.

Jumbo Games Disney Pixar 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles

Monkey will be 6 in December and he can easily complete 16, 24 and 35 piece puzzles now, but a 50 piece puzzle is still a little more of a challenge. He zoomed through these puzzles with ease, it shows how far his come on his puzzling journey over the last few years.

He loves fish, and we always have to look for the Nemo Clown Fish at our local aquatic centre, so I knew the Finding Nemo scene would be one he’d really enjoy completing.

The puzzle pieces are sturdy and the printing quality of the scenes is as you would expect from Jumbo Games.  Any fan of these Disney Pixar Films is going to enjoy putting these puzzles together.  Younger children may need assistance with the smaller pieced puzzles, but it’s the kind of set that can grow with your child.  The storage box features a handle so children can carry the puzzles around with them.

Priced at £7.99 I think this is great value for money and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review


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