Stowe Landscape Gardens – revisiting an old friend

The weather last weekend was lovely wasn’t it.  I’d been at Blog On Win all day on Saturday and Monkey had spent most of the day helping Daddy P with work jobs.  We all needed to dust off the cobwebs on Sunday.  We had planned to visit the Banbury Canal Day, which is always a great day out.  But Monkey had other ideas, he wanted to spend time revisiting an old friend.  So off we went in the opposite direction and headed to Stowe Landscape Gardens.  Monkey loves the fact that this was the first place he really visited, his first visit was Boxing Day 2009, when he was 16 days old, bless him.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Since that day we’ve been regular visitors to Stowe Landscape Gardens, we live fairly close by, and every visit is slightly different.  Monkey is always in charge of the route these days, which lake to walk around, in which direction.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Of course our visits invariably require Monkey to find just the right stick to accompany him on his latest adventure.

We never tire of the views, whether it be of the lakes …….

Running across bridges ……

Stowe Landscape Gardens

or looking out for wildlife.

It’s a place for deep conversations.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

A place to take a break and enjoy the view.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Somewhere to play hide and seek.

When the adventures have ended for the day there’s always time to make a little noise before heading home.

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Stowe Landscape Gardens really does feel like revisiting an old friend.  I know we’ll be back again soon.

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10 thoughts on “Stowe Landscape Gardens – revisiting an old friend

  1. We loved it there when you took us, can’t remember when that was but I’ve a feeling it was winter? Anyway, we want to go back, I can see why you all like it so much. Lovely to see such happy pictures x

  2. Stowe Gardens always looks like it’s a great place to visit each time I see one of your posts on it. It’s great that Monkey loves going there too and leads you down whichever path he wants to follow that day. Monkey looks like he’s having a great time with you and Daddy P, I can almost hear the laughter from the hide and seek pictures. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  3. Love that shot of monkey laughing by the tree – perfect image of childhood happiness… which clearly happens when he visits Stowe landscape gardens. And what is it about kids and sticks??! (So annoyed that I had no clue about Blogon…hopefully next year!)

  4. Love that photo of him laughing behind the tree. Gorgeous photo.

    We’ve not been back to Stowe since our first visit. Really must go and investigate the rest of it.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place. My son would love that bell!! I like the way you refer to it as visiting an old friend. We like exploring new places but our old ‘friends’ are best.

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