Hedgehugs Board Book set giveaway

We’re past the board book stage here now and it’s a stage I loved.  Introducing Monkey to the world of books for the first time.  Going from board books that I would choose to read to him, to the days when he’d thrust one in my hand for me to read to him.  A magical time for all families to enjoy.  Well we might be in the transition stage from picture book to early readers here now, but it doesn’t stop me wanting to share some lovely board books with you in a giveaway.  You may recall that we’ve previously reviewed Hedgehugs and Horace and Hattiepillar in picture book format. Well now Maverick Arts Publishing have released both titles in a board book format and I have a set to offer to you, my lovely readers.

Hedgehugs Board Book set giveaway

We love the picture book version of these stories and in the board Book format the text has been edited to simplify the story, as have the illustrations.  They really do look lovely, and if you would like to win the set for yourself, please complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!


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Hedgehugs Board Book set

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  1. We like the falling leaves and the sound of the leaves crunching as you walk through the park. My kids like jumping into a mound of leaves!

  2. Where do I begin? The colours, the smells, the clothes – Autumn is by far the best time of the year. I love the crisp, sunny days, leaves and conkers.
    And – it’s my birthday in October! Win win 🙂

  3. we love collecting leaves, twigs, etc on a nature trail and then making pictures/sticky paintings/rubbings out of it all xx

  4. I love sunny, crisp autumn days spent walking in the park collecting leaves and twigs to make into collages back home 🙂

  5. I love the beautiful colours of the trees and leaves. Can’t beat an autumn walk through the woods, crunching leaves and looking for wildlife

  6. I love Autumn as it gives lots of opportunity to become childlike again – shuffling through piles of leaves, splashing in puddles and collecting conkers

  7. I love the changing colours, it’s so pretty. I also love the fallen leaves- my boy loves stomping through them on his way to and from nursery. I would love these for my friends little boy who is due to become a big brother in January. Thank you for the giveaway xx

  8. Watching my son kick up piles of crunchy leaves. It reminds me that its not about the expensive toys, its all about having fun as a family.

  9. I love the colour change of the leaves and all the beautiful autumn colours around, the red berries, the gorgeous golden yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves and trees and i adore the pictures my children make 🙂

  10. I love foraging for wild mushrooms, and Autumn is when most of them appear! I absolutely love long walks in the forest, looking for mushrooms but also enjoying the changing colours of the trees and the crisp air!

  11. The smell of the fresh cold autumn air and the crisp leaves under your feet.
    Also love the candle scents that come out.
    Its my favourite time of the year.

  12. For me it’s the smell – I always know when Autumn is truly on it’s way because the air smells fresh and crisp with the promise of cold mornings, crunchy leaves and beautiful colours. It’s absolutely my favourite time of year!

  13. the leaves on the trees as they change colour and the leaves on the floor to kick your way through – we love nature

  14. I love getting cosy and snuggling on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate when it’s cold and dark outside 🙂

  15. up until this year its been halloween and bonfire night but now my kids (and clearly myself) are a bit older, my fave thing is nature, have had a lovely time collecting conkers, having a leaf fight and the other night when we were walking the dog we saw a massive hedgehog and my daughter turns round to me and says “I didn’t know that hedgehogs were real, I’m going to tell all my friends at school that I’ve seen a real life one” that was so cute, she was chuffed bless her

  16. This is my first autumn with my little boy. I’m really looking forward to walks with him in the pushchair. I love the colours of the trees and it’s pleasant just to walk along and actually notice the changing season.

  17. The cooler nights, sitting in the garden with the Chimenea burning & a glass of wine. Summer nights are like being on your holidays but autumn nights feel like home

  18. The smells
    There is such a distinct smell to an autumn evening
    Crisp cold fire
    Love it oh and it’s my birthday season

  19. I love the changing colours of the trees, collecting conkers, carving pumpkins and starting to think about Christmas shopping!

  20. I love the quietness of the busy summer seaside town I live in, I love splashing through the leaves in the wood when walking the dog x

  21. The colours have been wonderful this year- and that’s meant lots of crunchy piles of leaves to kick our way through.
    I also love knitwear and wearing boots, so autumn really is my favourite season 😀

  22. The leaves on the floor, wrapping up warm wearing knitted hates, the crispness off the air and been able to be all cosy in your home watching tv with blankets and snacks

  23. I get an incredible urge to hibernate in the Autumn just like the hedgehogs. There’s nothing better than a long Sunday lay in, pulling the quilt over my head 😉

  24. The beautiful colours, walking through the crispy leaves in my winter boots with my big silver cross balmoral pram!

  25. I love the nights getting darker. I love catching up on interests like reading that I don’t do so much of in the summer evenings.

  26. I love the changing colours, the crunching leaves under feet and we also have 7 birthdays in October alone so lots of parties.

  27. I love the colours and the temperature, when I was a kid I used to always ask when the orange country would come back.

  28. I love the fact that the weather has cooled down, walking the dog in the summer is horrible for me, I’m a sweaty mess, but now, we’re nicely chilled and can walk for hours!

  29. My favourite thing is the seasonal vegetables and being able to get in the kitchen and cook warming comfort food after a summer of salads 🙂

  30. I love the leaves turning their coppery colours and love foraging for hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts in the woods with my son.

  31. Having a good reason for getting the slow-cooker out and making warming meals without my daughter saying ‘eugh stew again!’ lol

  32. I love EVERYTHING about Autumn! I love the way the leaves change colour and how they smell as they mulch down. I love the events (Halloween & Guy Fawkes), the crisp air, just everything!

  33. toffee apples. hard to get the kids to get their 5 a day. which other season makes fruit so delicious? not the healthiest option but the kids want a treat – might as well have a whopping great apple in the middle of it.

  34. I love getting the winter veg in from the garden – parsnips, potatoes, leeks, onions, etc., and starting to make preserves like cranberry sauce so they’re ready for Christmas time!

    But, this year, my mum finally taught me to knit after decades of me refusing to learn! She got the needles out to knit some aran jumpers for my nieces, so I thought I’d help out by knitting some basic scarves…and now I’m (crochet) hooked! A great way to relax on colder evenings!

  35. I like to close the curtains and settle down on my sofa in front of the fire and watch movies and dramas on tv. It is a lovely way to wind down.

  36. I love the vibrant colours, the smell of cordite in the air as fireworks fizz overhead and the feel of papery leaves under my feet as I walk through misty woodland with my family.

  37. I love it when there’s a new cool freshness to the air on a bright crisp day, and a breeze just strong enough to blow the cobwebs away.

  38. The autumn leaves are soooo beautiful! One day I hope to have a garden large enough to plant lots of deciduous trees, especially my favourite Liquidambar.

  39. Normally it’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the sofa after a nice walk in the fresh air.. But this year I LOVE all the hedgehogness! .. I no longer mind chopping up the veg because I have the cutest Hedgehog chopping board hehe. This book would be perfect for my little family 🙂

  40. I love the beautiful colours of the leaves – reds, yellows, browns and greens and walking through the leaves when they fall off the trees

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