crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs #findyourfun

As I’m of a certain age I can remember vividly when the first Star Wars film (since renamed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) was released in 1977.  My younger brother and I went to see it at the cinema with our parents.  We’d never seen anything like it before and an obsession with light sabers, strange bun hairdos, storm troopers and C-3PO began. We were mesmerised and it’s quite amazing that the film franchise is still too big nearly 40 years after that first film.  Monkey is still quite timid when it comes to films so I’m introducing him to the world of the Jedi slowly.  He was recently sent these super cool crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs and I really quite wish I was a size 13 so I could wear them too!

crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs

Now these may look like an ordinary pair of crocs but you would be wrong. These crocs have Light Saber detailing around the sides and Star Wars heel straps.

In that isn’t cool enough, then it does get better.  These crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs actually light up as you walk!

crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs

I was impressed, but would Monkey be?  These are his first experience of crocs, and I was interested to see how he got on with a clog style shoe.

crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs 5

He’s found these crocs comfy to wear and has got used to the heel strap too.  I’m not sure what the battery life is on the light up light saber element of these crocs but they’ve been very well received here.  The quality of the crocs themselves seems really good and this pair comes with a Jedi themed design on the Jibbitz charms – these ones can’t be removed.

crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs

These crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs are priced at £39.99 and 5 other styles to choose from in the range.  The Jedi Clogs go up to a Junior size 3, of for smaller feet!

I’m sure that the range of Star Wars Kids crocs are going to be a great hot for any fan, especially with Christmas around the corner.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Wow! They look great. Like you say, I wish my feet were small enough for them.

    I’m quite excited about all the potential merchandise – Millennium Falcon buggy, maybe?

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