Orchard Toys App

Did you know that the Orchard Toys App was released recently? This is Orchard Toys first venture into the world of apps and this one is available via iTunes for 99p.

Orchard Toys App

The Orchard Toys App is aimed at children aged 5 years and works with their well recognisable graphics.  You can make jigsaws, have fun matching pairs or work on colour, shape and pattern recognition skills.  Each option has 3 levels of difficulty.

A nearly 6 year old Monkey can complete each task within the app at the difficult level, but he’s right at the top end age wise for this app.  He has really enjoyed the Pairs game, and loved seeing how quickly he can complete the game.

For younger children the Orchard Toys App is ideal for working on hand eye coordination, there are no in app purchases to worry about, and no time constraints on the games, which I know can frustrate young ones.  For 99p I can see this being a well-loved app, for youngsters from a brand that’s known for its strong educational values.

disclaimer:  we were given free access to this app in exchange for an honest review



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