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Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 251015

It only seems a few moments ago that Monkey finally got the hang of pedalling.  Most of his friends had already abandoned their stabilisers before Monkey could even be persuaded to sit on a bike, let alone pedal it.

He still prefers his scooter, but there are times when only his bike will do, and I watch as he happily cycles ahead.

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 251015


I wonder how long it will be before those stabilisers can be taken off?  We’re so lucky to have loads of cycle paths where we live.  He can build his confidence in safety and away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

This photo just shows childhood to me, simple, timeless pleasure.  Long may it continue.


10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 251015

  1. I think those stabilizers will be off in no time. I have fond memories of taking ours off and running behind hanging onto the saddle before gradually letting go.

  2. It’s great you’ve got all the cycle paths. There’s not much in Banbury (and certainly not near us), only in Spiceball Park, so it’s not the best for learning. I wouldn’t worry about Monkey still being on stabilisers. Our just turned 7 year old doesn’t even go on his bike with stabilisers on. He’s just not interested!

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