The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror – review and giveaway

Monkey loves watching The Snow Queen so we’ve both been eagerly awaiting today’s release of The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror on DVD through Signature Entertainment.

The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror

In The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror we meet up with Gerda, Orm the troll and their friends again, along with plenty of new characters.

Unfortunately Orm has been busy telling tall stories. He tells the King and Princess Maribel that he is the ‘knight with his backed turned’ and that it was he that defeated the Snow Queen.  He wants to win the Princess’ hand in marriage.

But of course there is a moral to this tale – one that Orm must learn for himself.  Lies don’t win or keep friendships and love only wins with honesty.  In the midst of his lies he’s overheard by Gerda and the Snow Queen emerges and kidnaps Princess Maribel.

Can Orm show everyone what he’s really made of and save the Princess and restore his friendships? Is the Snow Queen the real enemy? Will Gerda help her old friend?

I’m not going to ruin the story for you, but Monkey was riveted to this DVD!

The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror runs for nearly 80 minutes and is rated U.  It’s a lovely, family friendly film which we’ve enjoyed watching over half term.  It’s available to buy from today for £8.99 and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link for your reference below.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


We loved this DVD so much I want to share it with you, my readers.  I have 2 copies of The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror DVD for you to win.  Please complete the Gleam form below – good luck!


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The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror DVD

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  1. I always loved Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – I loved to draw the dwarves and recite their names! I thought I was so clever fo remembering them all!

  2. I liked Snow white and the 7 dwarfs because my mum used to talk in a funny voice when she was narrating the dwarf voices.

  3. I liked Little Red Riding Hood. I enjoyed the scary tales and we lived near a wood, so I thought there may be a scary wolf roaming around it at night.

  4. Alice in Wonderland – I just thought it was magikal!
    Disney – Beauty and the beast – I loved the story of love despite the differences.
    Currently listening to didney soundtracks actually 🙂

  5. when i was younger around 6 or 7 i got a ceramic tea set and i loved playing tea parties with my dolls,i looked after it because we didnt get much while i was growing up.i still have it in my loft still in its box and im 42 now and i still look at it like i got it last christmas

  6. I think it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I enjoyed the music etc. Yet now I remember the song that the Dwarves sang “We Work All Day, We Get No Pay” :- Makes me think of the injustices in the World, and wish that they would be dealt with. As there are Billionaires who have houses as property investment yet we have Homeless individuals whilst the Rich have houses which could be used as Homes. Rather than left empty, or only occupied by Housekeeper. People hungry as insufficient income, whilst others have numerous sources of income.

    People NEED to have Opportunities and some Quality of Life in order to Make Life Worthwhile.

  7. Sleeping Beauty because after all her troubles with her stepmother everything turned out good for her and she married her true love x love happy endings x

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