Vtech DigiGo #VTechDigiGo

Monkey’s been brought up surrounded by Vtech toys since he was a few months old. When we were asked to become a Vtech DigiGo Ambassador with Tots100 for the next 3 months I jumped at the chance.

Vtech DigiGo

Over the last few years he’s moved on from his Vtech Laptop to the Innotab 2, and although he still plays with both of them, it was time for the next upgrade to his tech gadgets – the Vtech DigiGo, which is aimed at children aged 3-7 years.

Vtech DigiGo

Now you all know that I’m a total techno dinosaur, but I know how much Monkey loves his Innotab and he now uses my iPad mini to play apps, so I’ve accepted that my soon to be 6 year old is more than ready for a new slimline gadget.  The Vtech DigiGo seemed liked the perfect natural progression in his techno journey.

Vtech DigiGo

The first thing we noticed is that the DigiGo is much smaller than his Innotab, so feels more like a smaller tablet, its lightweight and easy for him to hold.  The second thing – no batteries!  You can charge via your laptop or power point with the cable provided. Personally I think this is a great idea, and keeps Monkey playing longer without the need to recharge batteries frequently.

I’ve had a few issues with set up, some may be down to my own ineptitude, I’m not good with gadgets and technology, fact.  But we are now getting there.  Vtech items use the Learning Lodge software download, where you register your items and then can arrange downloads etc.  We’ve used the concept with our Innotab without any issues but we’ve had a few glitches with the DigiGo.

Vtech DigiGo

In the end I deleted everything, downloaded the Learning Lodge app to the laptop again and everything seems to be working fine.  Monkey decided he wanted a space theme for his DigiGo, so this was a free wallpaper download, we were also able to transfer programmes I’d previously downloaded to his Innotab over onto the DigiGo.  I thought this would make it easier for Monkey to get used to his new learning device.

But he’s of a different age to me, and he’s got it all sussed straight away.  It amazes me how much he actually does know.

Vtech DigiGo

The unit comes with 10 apps, tools and media player, and you can download another 2 apps of your choice for a wide range available for free.  Then there are lots of apps, books and even music albums you can add for an extra charge.  It comes with 2 styluses (one can be stored in the back of the unit, a wrist strap. integral camera which is adjustable, 4GB of internal memory (you can increase this to 36GB with a micro SD card class 4 if you so wish – not included), and it can be connected to your wifi to use the Kid Connect App (available on both iTunes and Google Player).

Monkey has worked his way around the various features of the DigiGo and we’ll be adding some music and a few ebooks for him to enjoy on car journeys.  I just need to buy him some headphones now.

Vtech DigiGo

He can use either the stylus provided or his fingers to control play with the touch screen. We’ve had lots of fun creating various funny faces using the camera feature and templates provided and Monkey is currently recognised on his device as a Knight in shining armour. Just like me, he’s always taking photos, and any that he takes on the DigiGo can be downloaded to my laptop for prosperity.

Not only can he take photos, he can also record videos, and Monkey has certainly been enjoying ‘directing’ me over the last week!  There’s a clock which also offers a timer and stopwatch as well as an alarm and event reminder.  This could come in very handy, I certainly want him to be a good time-keeper, not like his father!

Vtech DigiGo

A feature that we were all excited about is the ability to connect with the Kids Connect app I’ve mentioned earlier.  This feature enables Monkey to text, send voice messages, photos and artwork to friends and family that are linked up via the app.  I have approval of any friend requests so there’s not any security risks.  Monkey loves this app – and has happily been sending me all sorts of messages.  It’s also really got him enthused about spelling out words to be able to send me a message.  Anything that encourages Monkey to read, write and spell goes down well with me at the moment.

Vtech DigiGo

Daddy P is a workaholic, so Monkey doesn’t see much of him, the Kids Connect app is giving him the chance to connect with his Dad independently from my phone, which again, I can only see as a good thing.  It’s encouraging him to read and write and he can contact his Dad when he wants to, rather than relying on me.  He is thrilled with this and sends his own messages from the breakfast table now.

Priced at £79.99 this Vtech DigiGo is currently on offer over on Amazon, so I’ve included my affiliate link below for your information.  The smaller size of this device, makes it really easy to take out and about with us, and the wrist strap enables Monkey to hold on tight to it.

He gives the Vtech DigiGo a big thumbs up, and we still have so much to try out on it, he’ll be well occupied with it in the months to come.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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