The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician

For some reason I’m always drawn to books telling stories with Monkey’s as the main characters.  I can’t imagine why? The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician is a hardback book written by Matthew Porter and is part of the A Monkey World Adventure series.

The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician

This was the perfect book for us to read lately as Monkey’s school topic last term was Magic. We follow Oscar as he competes to win the title of Magician of the Year. Unfortunately Milton the Magnificent wants to make sure that only he can win the coveted title, so he goes out of his way to scupper Oscars performances.

Poor Oscar should be in all sorts of trouble as Milton sabotages his tricks, but somehow he always comes out of things really well and his popularity is ever-growing. Milton decides that drastic measures are called for – he needs to ruin Oscar’s reputation to ensure he can’t win the trophy.

The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician

Without ruining the story, there is a magic, a monocle, a blue diamond and a dastardly trick involved.  But good always wins the day doesn’t it.

The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician is priced at £12.99 and published through GMC Distribution. I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your reference.

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The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician

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  1. If I could perform one magic trick it would be to turn one toy into thousands to give to children that are less fortunate at Christmas.

  2. I would love to be able to turn rubbish into money! I know it sounds a bit boring but imagine never having to worry about bills ever again and being able to treat your family all the time, would be amazing!

  3. To magic a never ending supply of money, as then the World Debt could be paid, People could eat healthily, rather than starve. There would be clean water for everyone who needs it. We could all have a Quality of Life. Rather than War, Hunger, Poverty, Debt, Crime, Power Struggles, etc, etc.

  4. I’d like to just make myself disappear, I have a habit of putting my ‘foot in it’, so it’d be great to just get away from the situation1

  5. It would have to be the ability to freeze time so that I could actually have a bath without somebody shouting or trying to get into the bathroom with me. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I had a peaceful bath!

  6. I would love to be able to instantly make time stand still, that way I’d have time to sort out any problems, catch a breather when stressed out or truly savour those cherished moments you want to last forever. x

  7. the power of invisibility… so I could utilise the toilet/bathroom facilities in peace!! haha!! we all know what it is like huh?

  8. I’d have the ability to magically teleport myself and those I choose (who are touching me) anywhere in the world instantly. Then we’d be able to visit family and friends in other parts of the world.

  9. A decent card trick, as my brother is really good at them and i would love to just do one that he couldn’t figure out, it would wind him right up lol. x

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