Now you are 6

So today is the big day my darling son, you’ve been counting down the weeks, the days and now you are 6!  What a year we’ve had with you being 5, so many adventures, so much fun, so many challenges and obstacles overcome.  I’ve watched my shy, introverted son start to blossom in company, and seen so many changes in the last few months.  I am so full of excitement for what your year as a 6 year old will hold.

Now you are 6

I’m sure there will more train adventures ahead for you, I think you might rather like the surprise we’ve got lined up for you this weekend.  You’ve developed a passion for specific steam trains and I’ve loved helping you to learn more about them, their history and where we can find remaining examples.

Now you are 6

I love the fact you want to run a model railway when you grow up, not sure I love the fact you want to demolish most of our home to house it in though.  You are so set with your plans, I wonder how those plans will change this year.

Your love of diggers and construction vehicles certainly hasn’t waned.  Our living room constantly looks like a building site, complete with rubble.  I hope you like your presents today to add to the scene.  I’ve learnt more about JCB over the last few years than I ever did working for a company who was one of their suppliers.  One of the highlights of your fifth year was your trip to Diggerland.  Your face when we arrived will stay with me forever.  One little boy in absolute heaven.  I know you are counting down the days until we can visit the new site in Evesham next year.

Now you are 6

Tractors and combine harvesters are still right up there too.  You love Tractor Ted as much today as you have over the last 3 years.  As for combine harvesters!  Wasn’t it wonderful chasing them all over Andalusia earlier this year with Granny and Gramps.  We’ve all grown to love our visits to the John Deere dealership in Osuna, and I’m sure there will be future visits in store for us all in the years to come.

Now you are 6

You had a wonderful time during your first trip to Cornwall, you loved every minute of your stay at Coombe Mill, and fell in love with Rocky the baby goat.  A friendship with the Redpeffer children blossomed and it was lovely to see you flourish during our holiday. Who needed sunshine anyway?  You had a ball.

Now you are 6

You’ve grown so much this year.  Yes you are much taller, your feet don’t growing either do they – size 13 here we are! But you have grown so much in other ways during your fifth year.  I’ve watched you try new things, make new friends, listen, learn and come on so much at school since September.  I am so very proud of all you’ve achieved this year.  You have tried so hard, in so many ways.

Now you are 6

You are climbing, over things, up things and in your learning too.  You still get fearful, but perseverance pays off and you surprise us all at times.  You take your time, I have a feeling that will be an ongoing thread of your young life.  But that’s fine, we adjust, we try to work with that, not against it.  Then when you do decide the time is right, you amaze us, and show what you are truly capable of.  It might be riding your bike, or reading a book, it’s all come together this year.  It’s been a truly magical year for you.

Now you are 6

You’ve dressed up for Halloween and enjoyed trick or treating.  Who would have thought that!?  You’ve walked amongst the tree tops in the Eden Project and Kew Gardens, even though you were a little scared.  You’ve been on a bouncy castle, and enjoyed it.  You spoke to Father Christmas last year, remember that? You were an excellent Shepherd in the Nativity Play last year, and I know you don’t want to be in your play this year, but I bet you’ll be great, if you try.

Now you are 6

So what will being 6 bring you?  I hope the fear of wasps that appeared this summer gets lost and forgotten about in the months ahead!  You love your time outdoors and that fear certainly proved challenging at times for us both.

Now you are 6 I wonder how much longer those stabilisers will be on your bike?  I’ve watched in awe as your reading has started to really take off.  To see you suddenly see the magic that is contained in independent reading, to watch you willingly read for yourself.  I know that this year is going to be full of discovery as I read less and you read more.  I can’t wait and I’m thrilled that you feel ready for the challenge now.

With your writing I can see so much improvement and I know that in the year to come we will start to see your imagination played out on paper.  It’s going to be wonderful to witness.

Now you are 6 maybe you’ll become more independent around the house!  I shall keep trying to help you become more self-sufficient in certain areas.  Mummy’s need a break and some help from time to time.

Now you are 6 I look forward to friendships expanding, you are very loyal to your existing friends, but you’ve started to welcome others into your little world.  It’s a great thing to be able to do, and I look forward to seeing all of these relationships flourish.

Now you are 6, maybe we can try swimming again?  Maybe?  Maybe we could try an after school club, Karate, Cubs? I think you’d really enjoy them, but you have to be ready, I’ve learnt that, I have to listen, really listen to you.

I hope my imaginative, funny, inquisitive little Monkey stays now you are 6.  I hope you expand your dreams, and goals this year.  I look forward to sharing your adventures, to holding your hand when you need a little reassurance, to still having that hug at the end of the day.

I’m sure you’ll be growing up in ways I may not like quite so much too.  But I have to accept that my son is a big boy now.  No longer a little 5 year old!  I’ll try to loosen those strings and let you fly, let you soar up high.  I’ll try, I’m sure there will be times when I fail. But know that I will love you come what may. That I will always be with you, every day.

Now you are 6


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12 thoughts on “Now you are 6

  1. What a gorgeous note, and it sounds like you already do listen to your boy and know him inside out. You must be proud of him
    For me, when Mademoiselle turned 6 it felt like she really had turned a corner growing up. There’s so much to look forward to and it really does sound like this year will be a momentous year for your Monkey
    I hope he has a very happy Birthday. Enjoy the celebrations

  2. Oh gawd Mary, tears in my eyes!!!!! Maybe cos I’ve been there since the beginning and can recognise each and every moment you’ve written about. Hope he has a lovely day. And hope the cake turned out fab!!! XXXX

    1. Are you going soft! Tears, you!! xxx Cake baked fine, I just can’t get top and sides flat enough for toppers to work perfectly. But he’ll love it and that’s all that matters. I am not stressing, thank you for the card too x

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