Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz

Nothing makes me feel more festive than a steaming glass or mug of Glühwein.  I love the aroma and it always reminds me of friends in Germany.  Back in 2006 I spent a lovely weekend in Köln, and sampled the local brew whilst wandering around the Christmas Market.  The Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz are bringing those memories flooding back.

Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz

This Christmas Schwartz, the herb and spice company have brought out spice mixes for both Mulled Cider and Mulled Wine.  Both contain allspice, dried orange peel, ground cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and as soon I opened a packet, the aroma, that to me, sums up Christmas, warmed the air.

Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz

For Mulled Wine you will need a 75cl bottle of red wine (I used a lovely bottle of Merlot), 4tbsp brown sugar, 200ml water and 2 sachets of the Schwartz Mulled Wine Spice (they look like teabags).

Place your wine, water, sugar and spice mix sachets in a large saucepan, warm to just below boiling for 10 minutes, remove, and serve – simple.

For Mulled Cider substitute the wine for 1 litre of dry cider and use 2 tbsp of brown sugar instead of 4.

Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz

The Mulled Wine mix is really very good, and certainly warmed me up after a bit of Santa spotting earlier in the week.

As Daddy P will be working for most of Christmas and will need to drive, I’ll be making him some Mulled Apple instead, using the Mulled Cider Spice mix, using 1 litre of Apple Juice instead of the Dry Cider.

Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz are available from your local supermarket for less than £2 per pack.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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One thought on “Mulled Wine and Cider spice mixes from Schwartz

  1. When I worked there, we were always talking about Mulled Cider, but it’s only now that it’s launched. I’ve seen so many things that we discussed years ago (in both Schwartz and Cadbury) launched more recently, either things are a lot more relaxed about npd nowadays or we were just way ahead of our time!

    I did buy a pack of mulled cider a couple of weeks ago, so must remember to make it this year.

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