Moodles presents Happy – giveaway

Are you a bit of a doodle fanatic?  A budding artist maybe?  Then I might have just the thing for you today, as I’m giving away a copy of the new Parragon Books Moodles presents Happy.08

Moodles presents Happy

Moodles presents Happy gives the doodler free roam as you scroll through the 113 pages of this paperback book.

Moodles presents Happy

Whether you want to draw your own Valentines Day roses, or a wonderful self-portrait, Moodles presents Happy has something to get you started.

Perhaps you are dreaming of your summer holidays – present or one for the future.  Monkey would definitely draw a picture from Stowe Gardens here.

Moodles presents Happy

For your chance to win a copy of Moodles presents Happy please complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 6th March 2016 at midnight.

Moodles presents Happy

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129 thoughts on “Moodles presents Happy – giveaway

  1. If I’ve got a pen in my hand and paper anywhere about, I’m doodling! Silly faces seem to be the thing at the moment!

  2. It’s a great way to escape for a while and beats staring at a screen it’s also really relaxing and can be done anywhere.

  3. Doodling is an artform practised my many mastered by few. My doodling started as a young girl filling my notebooks practising various forms of writing my autograph – I was convinced I’d be famous one day…yeah right!? 😉 Nowadays doodling involves lots of images of buses and trains for the commute home. x

  4. I doodle flowers and trees. It helps me think and I’m sure it’s always flowers and trees because I’m stuck at my desk.

  5. I tend to doodle circles and then put a square round them, then triangles from that and keep going on from there with same thing.

  6. Matchstick people and houses. Started this with classmates when at school, and still doodle the same things.

    1. Oops, hit enter too early. As for why – I think because I have always been a massive animal lover and so it’s what I drew as a child when doodling, and it’s just something I’ve always stuck with! (Still a massive animal lover 🙂 )

  7. eyes, I really don’t know why but as a teen I would sit and draw eyes with adding the eyebrows in later years

  8. It depends on my mood at the time; sometimes faces, sometimes shapes and lines, it is also fun to do a scribble and try and colour in the spaces to make a picture.

  9. I tend to do most of my doodling when i am waiting it may be for the train or the bus or even when i am trying to get someone on the phone i find it very relaxing and it helps me to be patient. Most of my doodles are made up cartoon characters 🙂

  10. I usually end up doodling flowers.. or I’ll have a go at drawing my dog if I’m feeling more adventurous!

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