Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

Monkey is a huge fan of Andy Day, from before we met him on tour a few years ago.  We regularly watch Andy’s Wild Adventures and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures (we even have the entire set on DVD) on CBeebies. So we were both super excited to hear that there is a brand new Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine launching today!

Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

Not only is this new magazine based on Andy’s Wild Adventures and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures but it will also feature the forthcoming Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures series too (starts on 15th February at 4.30pm on CBeebies).  Any dinosaur and animal lover is going to be as thrilled as my 6 year old Monkey to receive this magazine.

Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

Filled with games, stories, fact and figures and lots of activities, children meet all sorts of animals along the way.  Aimed at children aged 3-6 years, this first edition of Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine comes complete with a T-Rex grabber and 5 mini dinosaurs, lots of stickers, colouring pages and an explorers kit to make.

We’ve been meeting lots of creatures, facing dangers and solving problems along the way. Packed with puzzles, stickers and stories, Monkey’s been learning about various dinosaurs, tigers and undersea creatures like hammerhead sharks and octopus. It’s actually the only dinosaur magazine created in collaboration with the BBC’s Natural History Unit.

He’s loved looking through the magazine after school this week and we’ll be working our way through the activities in the weeks ahead.

Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

So grab your Gizmo, Hat and Backpack and pick up the first issue of Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine today, priced at £2.75 from retailers nationwide.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review




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