ChattyFeet give our feet some drama

I’ve never really thought about buying novelty socks before if I’m honest. Daddy P’s feet are too large for most brands of normal socks, so he’s never received a pair of anything other than practical socks.  But that shouldn’t mean that Monkey and I shouldn’t have some fun should it? ChattyFeet give our feet some drama with their great selection of cotton socks.

ChattyFeet give our feet some drama

ChattyFeet have a great range of character socks to choose from and we were both rather spoilt for choice.  I was tempted with the Yoko Mono and Frida Callas socks but in the end I decided on the Loli socks – available in adult sizes, Medium-4-8 and Large 9-12.

I did think Monkey might pick the Prof Brian Sox socks but in the end his love of red shone through and he picked the Mr Zukkato vampire socks!

It’s worth checking the size chart against the age ranges before purchasing.  I just took it that age 4-7 years would be ok for a just turned 6 Monkey.  But when the socks arrived I realised that ChattyFeet size 4-7 years as shoe size 9-12.  Monkey is size 13, my fault for not checking first, but luckily they fit him ok at the moment, so there is a bit of give on the sizing.  Current sizing: 12-24 months = 3½-6, 2-4 years = 7-9, 4-7 years = 9-12, 7-10 years = 12½-13½.  There nothing for children with size 1-3 feet which seems a bit strange to me. We like the concept of ChattyFeet, but feel it would be easier to sell the children’s range by shoe size, rather than age, and for the size 1-3 gap to be filled.

Now what fun could we come up with as ChattyFeet give our feet some drama?

I had visions of poor, innocent Loli being lured to somewhere dark to be attacked by Mr Zukkato, but Monkey decided that they really should be friends.  A much nicer idea. Mummy you said they are ChattyFeet so they must be friends!  Who am I to argue with that logic?

Time for an after school pow wow.

ChattyFeet give our feet some drama

Catching up on all the news.

ChattyFeet give our feet some drama

Sharing adventures and making a plan for the holidays.

ChattyFeet give our feet some drama

The adult socks are available for £7.50 a pair and the children’s socks are available for £5.00.  If, unlike Monkey and I, you and your child can agree on a design, there are some that are available as a family set, priced at £11.50.  The ChattyFeet socks are made of nice quality cotton and have washed well.

What would your ChattyFeet talk about?

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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